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ExploGuide [P1]

Groupmates, here's our explo guide:

Exploratory Guide

Problem: what can be done to decrease the inefficiency of the CRS system such that students will be able to enrol required courses on time?

I. Definition and Delimitation of the Problem
A. Definition
1. What is CRS?
2. What are the inefficiencies of the CRS regarding the distribution of courses.

B. Delimitation
1. Are we concerned with freshies only? or sophomores? or higher years?
2. Are we concerned with all possible courses offered or just the required ones?
3. Are we concerned with the current school years or do we consider previuos ones?

II. Nature of the Problem
A. What is the status quo?
1. What are the evidences that the problem exists?
2. What are present actions done by the university to solve or alleviate the problem?
3. What are the students' attitude towards the inefficiency of the system?

B. What are the causes of the inefficiency of the CRS system?
1. Is the ratio of the students to teachers a problem?
2. Is the random distribution of slots during enlistment a problem? (if this is true)
3. Is the system fair enough?
a. How does the system evaluate and accept students in a slot?
b. Does it evaluate with the priority set upon a student? If it does, then does the system do it satisfactorily?
c. Is it true that students who belong to tri-col are more favored compared to other students of other colleges? if this is true, then can we consider this as an inefficiency?

C. What happens if the problem remains unsolved?

D. What criteria should we consider in order to arrive at plausible and sensible action/s?
1. Do we aim to change the whole CRS system?
2. Do we aim to propose actions that would allow students to acquire courses accordingly?

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1. What is CRS?

Since it is unclear in your post:
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