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What’s Up With The Weather? [Pt. 2]

I for one, agree that this phenomenon is truly happening, but what are the solutions to this shocking issue? I agree with New York University Professor of Physics Martin Hoeffert about his view on different technologies that can be substitutes to main energy source, the fossil fuels. Alternatives such as solar, wind, biomass and geothermal energy can be used to lower our use of these fuels. I see that to make these renewables cost-effective, we have to use a lot of land. If we will use biomass energy to sustain our energy needs, we have to fill 10 percent of the Earth’s land. So, that’s where the other renewables kick in.

We can also use other technologies such as nuclear fusion reactors. I know that using this, scientists must do extensive research and inventions to aid this technology. Other technologies wouldn’t be far from reality, as many scientists and inventors will create devices and discover other source of energy in space. And soon, space will become the next Persian Gulf of the Earth. I know that we need time in order to produce this, but time is the only thing we already have to solve this problem.

Global warming and climate change is really, a very controversial issue to talk with. Scientists have predicted different outcomes if humans will continue increasing CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere, and these outcomes are very devastating for our kind. I believe that this problem can be solved in time, as these people can and will produce the technology we need to sustain our energy consumption needs for the next century and for the coming millenia.

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