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Plagiarism and the Role of the Internet [Pt. 2]

So how will we prevent plagiarism? There are many ways on how to stop “kidnapping” the work of others without citing them, but the main culprit is the person doing it. If you want to get better in writing, stealing isn’t an option. Here are some tips on how you can avoid plagiarism:

1. Be responsible. Handle all your works by yourself; but when the work is collaboration, remember to still credit the persons involved.
2. Avoid absent citation. Make sure to check all your references and use a proper documentation style, e.g., MLA, APA, etc. When referencing a website, remember to “use the word Web and a period to indicate the publication medium” (Harris).
3. No to paraphrasing. Most students use this method to avoid plagiarism. My friends, the idea are not yours; and you just changed the wordings and arrangement. Try considering the article as an “inspiration” rather than a “source”.
4. Quote is a quote. When quoting, copy it word-for-word, providing that it’s enclosed in quotation marks. Don’t forget to write the source.
5. Resist the urge. Don’t fall into the traps of plagiarism. Be yourself; write what’s on your mind. Never tempt yourself to plagiarizing – or it might become your habit.
6. Do it by heart. Read some articles about plagiarism and know its consequences. Understanding it will help better your writing (“Why Not Plagiarize?”).

In the digital age, nothing is safe anymore. Posting something on the internet would mean letting others rampantly copy your work. You wouldn’t want others to have your work as theirs, right? So let’s end our habit of stealing. Help our society stop this kind of disease. Nothing is lost if we will be honest; instead, we will be more careful, and our writing will get better.

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