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Existence of Animal Rights

The idea of animal rights and liberation developed a long time ago, even before the 21st century ticked. From a single thought, it branched out to different views that concerned the welfare in the animal world. And today, this topic is still in motion, as many scholars, scientists, and animal rights advocates have been debating around the existence of “animal rights”.

Do animals have rights? Most people would agree that animals do naturally have, but some people believe that the only “rights” any animal has are those given by humans. In my point of view, I would choose the latter one because I fairly believe that we coined the idea of having animal rights.

Animals themselves have no concept nor understanding of rights as we comprehend them. They only base their actions according to their innate, instinctive behavior that drives them what to do. They do not have the capability of thinking beyond their capacity and to divulge into the realm of human perceptions because simply, they are not human, if for no other reason.

Most, if not all, animals do not seem to think in terms of their rights. A predator hunts its prey because it was driven by its hunger or the need to provide food its young. A water buffalo flees from a pack of hyenas because it does not demand to be killed. Insects enslave other insects to show their distinct power. But none of these creatures ever shows any disposition nor having the ability to come up with moral or legal concepts such as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. They each simply do their jobs to survive and grow up with nature.

But, animals (such as humans) are sentient and conscious organisms. They suffer pain and even disappointment, but they cannot communicate with a language that people will understand (and if they have that language, the words they’ll say would be very unsettling). We have to weigh the fact that animals do not think like us and they are in fact, emotional like us.

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I think your view is very simplistic and probably not true. I see close similarities between animal rights today and slavery in the past. Many animals live as slaves with the only purpose to be eaten, lay egg or work for humans. We steal their land as we did to many native human tribes in the past.

The only "right" thing to do is to see them as our equals. This would of course cause a lot of problem because we cannot give them the same rights as we human have. If we allowed an animal to vote it would probably not know what it is doing and a human can take advantage of that by training them to vote as they want.

Try to read your post again but replace all occurrences of the word animal with a group of people and you will see how racial it sounds. I know racial is not the right word here because this is between species but it is the same problem.
Peterssidan on Thu Dec 15, 2011 8:03 pm
I don't believe animals have the same, equivilent rights as humans, but they do have some rights none the less.

The right to freedom of speech obviously means nothing to animals, gender equality issues etc

However, animals have the right to exist and to live in a manner in which nature has intended. This is my feelings on the issue.

I don't have a highly determined line and it is an issue which I still waiver around with my views. I may change my mind again tomorrow.

But I think humans should avoid being the cause of extinctions and also not the cause of unnatural ways of life. I don't mean we should be vegetarians, I think it is a natural way of life to eat meat, but it is not natural for hens to live their whole lives in cages for example, it would feel tortuourous.

Certainly it is easily proven that animals suffer psychological effects from treatment by humans in various ways, also physical effects, and I think we humans don't have a right to treat animals cruelly.
Hello_World on Fri Dec 16, 2011 5:02 pm

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