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Facilitating a Philosophical Discussion [Pt2]

I also learned how to think like a philosopher. You have to look at every perspective; not just considering your side. At first, it was sort of hard; but I had the chance to pull a good answer during the discussion. Thinking like a philosopher was like tapping into everyone’s mind – seeing every bit of their side, and combining them into a substantial statement.

The most striking lesson that I learned in our facilitation was self-esteem. Because of the discussion, I learned that talking with a lot of participants was very fun. I was shocked when I knew that we were facilitating that day because it was impromptu and I haven’t read the episode that well; but as the discussion grew, I wasn’t nervous anymore. The discussion taught me a very valuable lesson that would help in my coming years.

Being a participant and a facilitator is very much different. Joining the discussion as a participant doesn’t require you to think a lot, as other will be giving ideas for you to digest. Standing and seating in front of many people is different. You have to stay composed because the participants will not see your aggressiveness and aura in front. Also, you have to give a lot of philosophical ideas; I find this hard because as I said earlier, taking down notes while thinking is difficult. The best thing about being a facilitator is that you can control most of the discussion and give insights that can help most of the participants.

I had a good time having the philosophical discussion. It teaches me to think and act like a true philosopher. Because of the past discussions and facilitation, I start to view other peoples’ opinions very carefully and give answers. The facilitation helped me to be more of a thinker rather than just a listener; it drives me to view different angles of the issue and not just considering the majority’s opinion.

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I wonder why you don't contribute to the p&r forum? It would be very much the place to try out some of your thinking...
Bikerman on Sat Nov 19, 2011 1:55 am

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