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A Philosophical Journey [Pt2]

I also learned to look at things in a different manner. When I heard discussions about various topics, I tend not to take any side because I view the issue presented on every sides. I saw positive and negative implications of one conclusion, and moving on to another one. It also made my life very exciting because I think more critically. I don’t just give an answer without even thinking of the implications of what will I say. Philosophy 10 made me think like a real philosopher – and it’s cool.

However, I found my performance during the course of Philo10 not that good. In some discussions, I failed to speak out my ideas. I think it’s either I was shy to present my bad idea, or another participant have the exact answer as mine. On the other hand, I participated well on the discussions which I found very interesting. This time, I had to second thoughts in answering because I am confident about my side.

When I and my classmates had the chance to facilitate, I was so nervous at first because I don’t know what will happen to me. I was shocked because we were picked instantly and had an impromptu discussion. Although we were unprepared, many found our discussion lively; and I was very happy about it because I never imagined that we would arrive to such a good discussion. The second time was also good because I had the chance to talk about marriage and voice out my opinions in the class.

In terms of my attendance, reflection papers and my effort to this course, I would say that I really did my best in maintaining it. I encountered difficulties such as arriving late, but I still find time to recite and take down notes so that I could cope up with them. I also had difficulties in handling my schedule well because I have to maintain a good time in making my reflection papers; I always make it a point to do my best and give all my honest opinions and not treat others’ works as mine.

I did not regret taking up Philo10 as one of my General Education (GE) subjects. It made my life very significant because of the lessons I learned and the people I met in the class. I was influenced to see things the philosophical way; I view things not just on one side, but on all. Our class (PHILO10 WFX) performed very well. Although some are a bit shy in saying their points, at the end of the semester all of us have spoken. Everyone had a good time especially the last day for it was the time where we really got to know each other and had the final discussion with Prof. Mendoza.

I would only suggest that this course be more motivating for the other students so that there will come a time where students take Philosophy10 as their favourite. I also suggest that in every start of a discussion, a motivation or an activity would be conducted so that the participants would have a brief overview of the topic, at the same time having fun. Frankly speaking, the course should take more time because philosophizing is cannot be done in just an hour and a half.

Philosophy 10 made a great significance in my life, not just in academics but in the real world. I would carry on the lessons I learned during the course and apply it to my life. It was a wonderful journey taking this subject up. I wish more and more students would take this so that their minds could be opened, too. I will make careful actions and decisions in the future, as this course helped me to see things like I’ve never seen before. As Eleanor Roosevelt says, “One's philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes... and the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility.”

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