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Plagiarism and the Role of the Internet [Pt. 1]

*An essay on plagiarism

Let’s all admit: sometime in our lives, we’ve copied some lines from the internet without properly referencing them, and admitting it as our own work. Some of us might have unconsciously (or on purpose) paraphrased some entries from an article we read, or worse – copied them word-for-word. I might not know the reason for doing that – but clearly, that’s plagiarism.

Plagiarism is taking one’s work (or a part of it) and citing them as yours. Believe it or not, it came from a Latin verb meaning to kidnap. There are three kinds: direct, mosaic (commonly known as paraphrasing) and indirect or absent citation (Nierste). From that, I can say that plagiarizing is kidnapping someone’s creation, work, or intellectual property without mentioning them. It can also be compared to shoplifting, as one person steals one item without buying it (Harrington).

The internet has been the mine of diverse information. Almost everything you need had been fed to it. Unfortunately, people tend to misuse this information and steal them. Temptation to plagiarize using the internet is rising because information so abundant, referencing becomes unclear (“What is plagiarism?”). Plagiarism is so rampant nowadays, that it has become a normal occurrence on the internet. Blogs, articles and other media can be seen plagiarizing other people’s work – and making it their OWN work.

Most people reason out that they’re out of time; others say that it doing so wouldn’t be notice, and some, they don’t just have the idea. Plagiarism can lead to serious consequences. For students, when your work is labeled as plagiarized: it can fail you and your course or worse, expulsion (“Why Not Plagiarize?”). Writers and other professionals are also in danger of being removed from their posts, and lose reputation for doing plagiarism. And the worst, their case can be raised to the high court – and that, is not good.

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