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Nuclear Winter [Pt. 1]

*A cause and effect narrative

Afternoon. It’s been a month since the sunlight could not pass the dark, thick atmosphere. The cold zephyr shivers my sister’s soft, delicate skin. Clouds are so dark; I cannot see how the snow came from above. Living in this evacuated building is like being trapped in a frozen wasteland. There is nothing but trees and snow around it.

On the distant, I see the ruins filled piles of rubble; it was once the downtown we used to waste time. Looking down, I see human bones piled up like a pyramid, cars crushed like tin cans, and dead bodies lying on the ground. This environment does not look like the one where I grew up. I slowly get back to bed, close my eyes and see the images of despair during those painful hours of my life.

July 26, 2062. Tensions were rising between the two world pacts: United Nations and the Great East Asia. GEA was established because of China’s withdrawal from UN, followed by other Asian countries. The news says that if the agreement that GEA will be recognized as a separate union from UN is not signed, the former will resort to hostility. UN, who considers GEA as a no-threat, declines the agreement.

And the worst happened. I and my sister were staying on a small community living in the underground tunnels of the city, hundreds of meters from the city streets and buildings. Locked beneath the bustling city, we found our abode safe and sound. One day, a loud alarm banged the whole city. “It’s the nuclear alarm,” I uttered. Panic grew underground as people were trying to evacuate and move upward. They were like ants dismantled from their path, finding their spot in the tunnel. I quickly grabbed my sleeping sister and joined them in search of a hidden space in the underground.

As we were about to reach the place, we heard a very loud bang above. It was the loudest I’ve ever heard. It’s a heavy metal song raised to a million times. Everyone became silent. We were expecting that fire would get inside the tunnel, so panic grew again as we ran towards the safe place. There we settled for days, surviving only with water that we brought minutes after the ground zero day.

No one ever attempted to go back up. Everyone was scared of what will happen. “It’s been a week since we haven’t seen the city. We need to move or else, every one of us will die of starvation,” our underground leader said. Scared of what will happen to my sister, I followed our leader.
As we were about to reach the end of the tunnel, we saw rotten dead bodies scattered, some were just bones, others were skinless. “It’s their fault. If they didn’t decline the agreement, this wouldn’t happen,” a man said.

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