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What’s Up With The Weather? [Pt. 1]

*A reaction paper for the said documentary.*
by Acezon Cay

The issue of Global Warming has been thoroughly discussed by scientists, environmentalists, businessmen and politicians througout the 21st century. The majority of scientists agree that earth’s temperature climbed up relative to its past. They say that man’s use of fossil fuels burned up this hike. And if so, how can we combat the alarming and catastrophic results of what scientists predict if global warming goes on?

When I watched the documentary, “Global Warming: What’s Up With The Weather?” investigated the science and politics of one of the most-talked issues of this century: the truth about global warming. The program outlined how scientists agree on many issues underlying global warming: these “greenhouse gases” such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane trap radiation from the sun. But an intense debate centers on whether this warming is a natural phenomenon or a result of man’s burning of fossil fuels.

Recent studies show data that earth, for 400,000 years, increasingly warmed up during the start of the Industrial Revolution of the 1850’s. Measurements from the earth’s so-called “time capsules” such as ice cores, tree rings and air show that CO2 concentration in the atmosphere has increased by one-third since 1850. And, scientists also agree that the surface temperature of the earth has risen by one-degree over the last century.

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