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Why the Jellyfish Has No Bones (Pt. 2)

Halfway to the palace, Monkey tried to delay their journey.

“Oh!” Monkey shouted.

“What is it my chap?” The curious Jellyfish asked.

Monkey, who used his cleverness to escape, slowly said, “It seems that I forgot my liver in the island. Without it, we wouldn’t heal the king’s daughter.”

“You’re right. And we need to get their fast before anything happens to the royal daughter.” The innocent Jellyfish answered.

Arriving upon the island, Monkey hurriedly took of Jellyfish’s back, splashed on the water, and quickly swam to shore.

Jellyfish, who seemed curious for all the happenings, saw the clever Monkey as he climbed the tree like a jumping spider.

“Well, well, well, you stupid Jellyfish. You thought all the way that you already got me. No. I would not want to give up my life just for that! What do you think am I, a sacrifice you say?” The shrewd Monkey yelled.

Sticking his tongue out, Monkey faced Jellyfish backwards and ran to the forest, with his silhouette slowly disappearing.

Devastated, Jellyfish had no other option but to return to the palace, since the dusk is fast arriving. As he went back to the kingdom, he felt a huge stone pounding his heart. He looked so distressed, that all his tentacles fell down and lost its energy.

Back in the palace, the Dragon king agitatedly asked, “Where’s the medicine? Will my daughter be healed? Where is it?”

“Your majesty,” Jellyfish nervously started his sentence. “I did not find the monkey’s liver. I’ve been tricked.”

“Tricked?! How could this happen? Do you know what this means?” The angry king yelled as pounded his hand on the marble table with his eyes open wide.

Jellyfish became silent. He didn’t have anything to say but a gasp of his tiny breath.

“Take him to the dungeons! Beat him until his bones are shattered like broken glass! Punish him ‘till he dies!” The king’s loudest shout in his life has been heard throughout the wide palace.

The guards took Jellyfish and pulled his tentacles like it was tearing apart. He could not do anything. His mind was shouting in pain. It yelled that it was all his fault.

As they walk down to the dungeons, a huge orange body appeared. Jellyfish saw the scheming smirk of Octopus. He then knew that it was all Octopus’s plan.

Beneath the dark, eerie dungeons, the guards beat Jellyfish as if there was no tomorrow. He screamed and shouted his heart out as he took the ravaging pain in his body. He couldn’t take no more. His soft body cannot bear the incessant banging of the guards’ maces. His bones all shattered.

The next morning, the sick daughter woke up to be energetic and alive. With haste, she went to her father’s bedroom to tell of her cure.

“Father! Father! Look, I’m okay! I’m cured!” The Dragon king’s daughter happily said.

“Oh Neptune!” Dragon king shouted. “What goodness have you done to my daughter? You healed her!” The king hugged her daughter tightly and announce to the whole kingdom of her condition.

Celebrations were held. The festive mood showered the whole sea, bringing happiness to each and every one because of the miracle that happened. All the sea creatures danced their heart out for the Dragon king’s daughter. All was well.

But not for Jellyfish. With his bones smashed to pieces, he could barely move his body. The next day, an informant arrived at the palace to tell a news.

The informant told the Dragon king that he eavesdropped on Octopus’s because of his suspicion that Octopus did something. He heard all the mutterings and reported them all to the king. The king grew in rage once again and called forth the Octopus.

Because of this, Octopus escaped and left the kingdom after hearing the news that he will be sentenced to death. By that time, the guards ran to the room and found no one but a chair and a table.

The Dragon king went to the dungeons and seeks for apology to Jellyfish. Jellyfish, who was very loyal and obedient to his king, accepted the apology without any doubt. He was released, made a new life out of his super soft body, and lived to tell his story to his children. All was well.

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