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Air Jamaica Jazz & Blues 2008 in Montego Bay

The entertainment landscape in Jamaica has been raped by the recent performance of Diva...Diana Ross.At the recent Air Jamaica Jazz & blues show in Montego Bay,she requested that all recording of her performance will not been done,which left fans with a bitter taste in their mouth.Promoter Walter Elmore released an apology shortly after and promised to put in place contingency for this not to occur.

A moment in time with Beres Hammond

The anticipation was high, the energy electric and the mood totally in synergy with the moment. The countdown began on the four big screens inside the National Indoor Sports Centre, and patrons started shuffling excitedly in their seats. At exactly 8:00 pm, the clock paused, it was that time - the long-awaited Moment In Time.

And it was a moment that belonged not just to Beres Hammond, but also his friends, the musicians, the patrons, the production team and certainly the sponsors. It was a classical production which put on show the power of music over talk. Except for short on-screen vignettes mentioning Hammond, throughout the entire first half of the show, during which Hammond's friends paid tribute, the music eloquently did all the talking.

Since there were no emcees, the artistes went on stage unannounced, and it was just too bad for you if you didn't do a crash course in Reggae 101, which would have enabled you to put names to faces. Many a guessing game was played as the artistes entered the stage and some of the uninitiated were heard whispering: "Who dat?"

Of course, the man of the moment needed no introduction. In his ad inviting patrons to the show, Hammond had noted that "music is like communion", and when, after the too-long break, the psychedelic lights went on show, patrons knew that the moment had come for Hammond to serve them their bread and wine. He was ready to communicate the musical message and they were all prepped for the repast.

Uncommonly clad in jacket, and looking just a bit uncomfortable, Hammond, with his signature charismatic smile, took the walk down the aisle onto the stage to deafening hoots of approval from his fans - male and female alike. Clearly, this was the real beginning of that Moment In Time.

Shrugging quickly out of his jacket, he delivered I'm In Love With You, What One Dance Can Do, She Loves Me Now, Step Aside Now, Tempted To Touch, Double Trouble, which were all dramatised onstage by dancers from the Edna Manley School, while the Sugar Hill Symphony Orchestra, led by Peter Ashbourne, took reggae beyond and above its perceived musical boundaries.

The capacity audience, intent on making the most of the moment, hung on greedily to every syllable that fell from the lips of the singer. "Talk in the mic," they shouted when they felt that Hammond had made a comment that passed them by. And, in a mood to please, he did just that, even while explaining that his mouth had got him in trouble on occasion, so some things they really shouldn't hear - like perhaps his barely-off-mic comment "Hypocite" when he complained that his song Moment In Time wasn't being played by the disc jocks and one man, (perhaps a disc jock), stepped out of his seat to shake his hand.[/img]

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