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Windows 7 & Vista File Sharing . Ease It Up

File sharing was so easy with windows xp , but its really crumblesome in windows vista and the upcoming new varient windows 7. For users who are not sure with file sharing and network discovery in windows vista and 7 here are simple steps that will help you to share files and folders over your network with out any password protection and enable your shard folder network discovery. this post also include as to how you can manage your shared folders all at one place.

Steps for sharing files over the network :-

N.B. :- Make sure you are connected to your local network before you proceed.

1. We will start from vaer scrtch and basics, firest you need to cinfirm that you have file sharing activated on the connection you are using. for this go to you Control Panel and navigate to network and sharing center . You will see option to change your lan addapter settings clicking on it you will be able to see the network cards installed on your system. right click on the connection and then click Properties. make sure you have activated File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks, finally click OK.

2. Now go back to Network and Sharing Center window, check the network location type of your computer. its preferred to use Private network since you are using file sharing in home network location type is Public change it to Home or Private but there is no problem even if you are using public network.

3. Now navigate to Change Advance Sharing Settings and check tho options. First enable network discovery so that others users will be able to see your share and next is to turn off password protection because what is the use of sharing a folder if you have a password applied to it and then apply the settings.

4. Now its time to share some solders. select the folder you want to share by right click and navigate to properties. Now click on share button on the sharing tab.File Sharing window will appear. since we have already disabled the password protection select the Guest or Everyone (if he account user does not exists add them ) account.

5. Now change the file permission for the account you have added i.e. READ; READ-WRITE , Contribute . I personal would prefer only read access.

6. Finally share the file by applying the settings.

7. Woeee.. thats all your folder is now shared over your network.

Once you have shared files over your network it becomes tough to moniter all the folders you have shared if you have shared many files now here are steps to manage all your shared folder at one place. here you can who is currently accessing your shared folder.

1. Open Manage window by right click option on your My computer icon.
2. Navigate to shared folder option in the left side bar. Here you will find three options :-
1. Shares :- This tab shows the folders you are sharing over your network. you can even disable the sharing of a folder from here.
2. Sessions :- This section shows you currently active sessions.
3. Open Files :- This section tells you the folder that are currently being accessed by other users on the network
3. Disable the folder you wish to remove from sharing and then apply the settings

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