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My Life as a Book

Chapter One: Art Deco Books are Heavy!

Just got back from what will more than likely be one of many trips to the library this summer. I'm a little pissed that the wireless access there at the good old book rental store is a teasing merciless strumpet, luring me with its promises of "excellent connections" but at the same time refusing to actually give me Internet at all. Anyway, I had a delightful time, accept for the fact that I forgot headphones. I went there with a secondary goal of burning off some CDs from them and I couldn't even listen to them, or use the Internet to label them. At last minute, I grabbed two art deco books so I could research architecture and clothing for the 1920s-1930s time period. And holy crap they were the biggest books in the dang library!

Chapter 2: Trying out LiveSearch again!

After years, or more precisely months away from Microsoft's thinly veiled marketing campaign, Live Search Club, I have returned to the fold in order to continue their age old traditions of getting some free shit for doing glorified crossword puzzles and word jumbles. Thanks to the efforts of all those I gave my username and password to in an effort to bolster my ticket earning, since I have recently ordered a pair of Zune ear buds...we'll see if they show up this year. I'm seriously not going to order anything else till those come in. though I AM going to keep playing to build up points. Shooting for that kitchen mixer, baby! *SIGH* I wish they still had the Xbox on there...

Part C: Grim Fandango is Delightful...

I KNEW that Manny Calavera's voice sounded familiar on that game. Its the dad from Ugly Betty! Awesome. I know want to write something with the caliber of imaginativeness that Tim Schafer puts into his work (see Escape From Monkey Island, the aforementioned Grim Fandango, and the uproariously entertaining Psychonauts). All I could do last night was brainstorm stuff along the lines of:

"Now what kind of awesome occupation could a bunch of kids go to summer camp for? Spies? Too much like Spy Kids...Superheroes? Goddammit Sky High!"

...and other similar tangents. I would love to do what I did with Terra and Advent Crisis and take what was essentially a Fanfiction of some other work and transform it into something inherently original. After all, my mantra lately has been "Everything literary is inter-textual" aka "Everything borrows from something else." We can't escape exposure to information and ideas, so how can someone think that anything is completely and utterly original. Hooray for inspiration!

Page Four: Cleaning My Room

I need to go do that.

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