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FarmVille Cartoons

One of the features I like about FarmVille is the snapshot feature.

The snapshot is automatically stored in one’s FaceBook album provided that the proper permission is given.  Snapshots can then be downloaded and edited using the proper software.  Below are some of the snapshots I’ve taken and edited to look like cartoons.  The software I used here is TechSmith’s SnagIt.


I currently have two penguins in the farm, adopted from neighbors which posted them lost.  A certain number of unique animals collected this way can earn one the Noah’s Ark ribbon.  I put the penguins in a frame together with the geese I have which resulted in the following cartoon.

Some days ago I received a black sheep.  When it is placed together with the sheep and the goat, an interesting scene happens.

A grey tabby cat which I received as a gift from a neighbor is the animal I put beside the picnic basket which I put beside my rest tent in the corner of the farmer.  Here, a calf shows its interest in the contents of the picnic basket.


I have a fruit stand in the farm, one of those decoration sets from FarmVille which I purchased with the coins I saved from harvests. 

I recently adopted a bull from one of the neighbors.  Since only one bull is allowed in FarmVille’s dairy farm, I let this one roam the land, so to speak.  In this scene, the bull finds himself being talked about by a calf (one I sheltered some days ago) and three lambs.

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