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FarmVille: Starter Tips

If you have a FaceBook account and someone sent you an invitation to be his/her neighbor at FarmVille, know that you’ve been invited to join one of Zynga’s popular games.

FarmVille is a virtual farm where you can grow plants and trees and raise animals.  As you go from one level to another, opportunities are opened up to you by way of vegetables, fruits, grains and other products to grow on your farm.  Neighbors help by fertilizing your crop and giving you gifts as you move up in the FarmVille’s virtual society of crop whisperers, zoologists, compost kings and queens, vegetable virtuosos, green thumbs and many more.

When you first start out in your farm, you will find six plots, two of which are already planted and another two ready for harvesting.  Harvest immediately by pointing your mouse on the crop.  As you harvest, you will find your financial assets (top bar towards the left) growing and your XP (experience) level rising.  Accumulation of XP points help you to move up from Level 0 upwards.  Coins/Cash assets increase each time you harvest and decrease each time you cultivate a plot of land and plant.  Your financial assets allow you to buy the things you need for your farm.


There is a toolbox to the lower right corner of your screen; use it often.  Tools on the top layer allow you to see your farm full screen, zoom in or out and take photos of your progress.  The tools on the second level allow you to perform various tasks on your farm: 

The tools on the third level are fun apart from helping you with your farm tasks:

the ribbon viewer will tell you how you are doing as a farmer; it also shows you the goals you have to achieve

the market viewer allows you to see what’s being sold at the market and also informs you of the products you need.

the gift box is the place where you store the FarmVille Gift Requests you receive from your friends and neighbors.  Gifts may come in the form of trees, animals (that you can’t buy from the market), farm decorations and fuel refills for your tractor (once you’ve reach a certain financial level to own one)

In other words, for one starting at FarmVille, the screen toolbox is a very handy tool to use.

Lastly, you can’t go anywhere in FarmVille without good neighbors to help you along.  You’ve got to have a lot of them.  Remember, they can visit your farm and drive away foxes, gophers and rake leaves and most importantly fertilize your crop and give you gifts.  Very Happy

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