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what do i do with my frih$ ?

I have earned few frih$.
Suggest me what can i do with it.
Suggest me something useful guys.

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The market value the frih$ is not so high now when we have Coins but you could still try to use them in the marketplace or create a contest and use them as prizes.

Or you could just keep them because they are a bit special now when you can't earn them by making posts.
Peterssidan on Thu Nov 22, 2012 3:50 pm
Ya , i will better preserve it . Smile
andro_king on Thu Nov 22, 2012 6:15 pm
. What are FRIH$? What are they used for?
A. FRIH$ are like points, but you can use them to trade things in the Marketplace forum or simply give them to someone whose post you liked. You can also use them to place a bid in the Frihsot Directory. The more you bid, the higher your site appears in the directory. It is no longer possible to earn FRIH$ by posting.

Q. How many FRIH$ do I lose per day for my hosting?
A. None! Sweet, huh?

Q. What is the maximum number of FRIH$ I can have?
A. Your FRIH$ are not reset everyday (unlike points). So, if you have 500 FRIH$ today, and you don't login for a few days, rest assured that your FRIH$ are likely to remain 500 (although your points may change, if you are hosted by us)

Q. Can I have negative FRIH$? What happens then?
A. You can't have negative FRIH$. You can only donate as many FRIH$ as you have to someone else, not more than that.

Q. Can I transfer/give FRIH$ to someone else?
A. Yes you can. In each post, under the avatar, you will see a link called "Donate", which allows you to give/transfer/donate FRIH$ to that user.

Q. I got a weird floating point value for my FRIH$! (eg: 2.454443235443)
A. You get as many FRIH$ for one post as points. And obviously, these are rounded off to 2 digits after the decimal point too.

Q. What is the maximum number of FRIH$ I can make per post?
A. None. It is no longer possible to earn FRIH$ by posting

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cheater01 on Mon Nov 26, 2012 3:50 am

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