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Some Social Media Statistics

One out of three people today say they can not live without Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat & Co. This is the result of a study performed by Bitcom, Germany's Digital Association. had an article about this study today.
In the group of people with age between 14 and 29 years even 49 % say they can not live without social media anymore. And even 22 % of people older than 65 say the same.
87% of all internet users have a social media account. In the group of people with age between 14 and 29 years it's almost everyone: 98%. And 65% in the group of people older than 65. In average everyone has three social media accounts.
Facebook is the most used offering, 66% say they have been there at least once during the last three month. 2nd one youtube with 51%.

Which brings me to Vero, a new social media offering supposed to be an alternative to Instagram, but with more privacy, no algorithms, no ads. "Vero" stands for "truth". "Vero" tries to create real friends who trust each other and share everything, where people have control about what to share with whom.

If you want to try it out do it now: the first one million users joining can do so for free.

How many social media accounts do you have ? And what's your favorite ?

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I don't think I could list off all the accounts even if I tried. It doesn't help that I have the accounts that are 'me' and then I have developed others for specific events or things.

I use Facebook ALL the time. It's my favourite for the most part. I can post a lot of pictures and I can post long and detailed text-based posts. And the fact it has chat... No one seems to text, it's just 'Facebook me' now.

For myself, I've dabbled with Twitter and Instagram. I still post mostly on Facebook but sometimes remember to try our Instagram because of the filters. I've recently created a separate identity for a group I'm testing out. Instagram made the most sense because it's more about the photo, I find.

I have a twitter account but... I never use it. I never post anything. I follow people but I never check to see those notifications. I just don't get that platform. I understand how to use it... but I still somehow don't know how to use it. Something, something #hashtag something, something dark side.

I do have YouTube as well (goes well with Gmail accounts). I have one for myself and one for the group I started. I post videos I might take of my animals on there to share it, rather than upload to Facebook directly.

I should note, I did create another Twitter account that I used more for an event that took place a few years ago. It also has a corresponding Facebook page (not account). But... I already had a second Facebook account where I kept my work peeps (not all since the fun ones are still on my regular Facebook). I used the second Facebook account to manage the event page and stuff.

Being out there on social media is interesting. It's a great way to stay in touch with people that are further away. You feel connected still even if you don't really talk, let alone see each other. As you move through high school, college/university (or both) and into various workplaces and as you move around to different places you meet a lot of people. It's nice that social media can help keep you connected.

There are still issues with being out there like that. Privacy is pretty big if people took the time to think about it. You can learn a lot about someone based on what they post (text and pictures). If their settings are pretty loose you can see where someone might live, where they work, if they're in a relationship, what schools they went to, who they tagged in specific family roles. It's kind of unnerving sometimes.

There's also the bit where people will use what you post against you if they're so inclined. A person that now holds a grudge can take your posts our of context or you what you said to further their own agenda. And there's a lingering fear on my part that work peeps might disapprove of something I say. I might disagree with something at work or I might get a little grouchy or I might share an experience (people being nameless). But they might not like that. So you have to censor yourself because you don't know how is watching or how that information might get around and bite you in the end.
TheGremlyn on Wed Feb 28, 2018 2:40 pm

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