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Starfire on Earth

Safe, cheap, waste-less, unlimited availability. This is what is said about Fusion Power. bild der wissenschaft 3/2018 has a big article about this topic. When will it be available ?

The Wendelstein7X under construction. Image from wikipedia.

In the year 2025 scientists want to start experiments with 'Iter' (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor), currently under construction 50 km northeast of Marseille, France. 'Iter' will be a Proof-Of-Concept for the Tokamak Technology, one of two alternatives how to construct a Fusion Power reactor. Wendelstein-7 is another project going on in the North of Germany (Greifswald) to test the second approach, the Stellarator Technology. While the Stellarator Technology is more complex to construct it has the benefit to be run continuously, while a Tokamak reactor has to be run in a 'switch-on-switch-off' mode.

So far no Fusion reactor constructed ever delivered more energy than has been put into it. 'Iter' is supposed to change that. A project like this means bringing star fire to Earth. What is going on in our sun and millions of stars elsewhere since millions of years, the fusion of light atoms to heavy atoms, mostly Hydrogen to Helium, is supposed to happen on Earth now: the ignition of a 100.000 degrees hot plasma, held by strong magnetic fields to avoid contact to any other material.

It will probably take at least another 50 years since we really can use the promising form of energy, assuming all the upcoming challenges will be resolved by the thousands of scientist and technicians working on this.

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Someday there might be some glowing results from these projects.
standready on Sat Feb 24, 2018 5:20 pm
I always wonder when someone comes up with something. You build it for the purposes of A but how might someone manipulate that for B and C and D?

I know nothing of this technology.

How might someone use this for another purpose to cause harm?

Aside from that. I'm curious to know what could go wrong and what the outcome of each of those scenarios might be. What are all the different points of failure and the outcome of each? Human error will factor into that as well.
TheGremlyn on Mon Feb 26, 2018 6:42 pm

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