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Going to New Orleans

My wife and I will be going to New Orleans tomorrow. We'll stay there for 5 nights, then rent a car and travel through some of the South states for the next 23 days.
Nothing booked yet, thus we are flexible where to go when and how long to stay. The rough plan is that first we follow the coast of the Gulf Of Mexico towards Pensacola, then turn North and visit Nashville and Memphis later on to finally follow the Mississippi back to New Orleans.

I am open for suggestions though what to do in this area and I am curious to learn about exciting tips what to see.

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New Orleans is great. I did a half-day tour and was lucky to get a Cajun guide with the real Cajun accent. She entertained us with plenty of history stories, particularly about the cemeteries we visited. Definitely worthwhile to start your visit in New Orleans with a short tour like this.

I thought I was clever to stay in the French Quarter in a historic building - the Jackson Hotel, but it turned out in not such a good idea for sleeping. Like everything is constructed out of wood, and if one opened the front door the whole hotel almost shuddered - everything creaked. So moved to a more civilized Hotel the Holiday Inn. That was before the great flood though. French Quarter of course is a must have experience in New Orleans. Great to stay there for the night and visit all of the Jazz Bars at night. Some also take a day boat trip up the Mississippi. There is a Harbour Quay that is very interesting - and I stocked up there on plenty of cajun spices I took home with me. I was using those up to two to three years and was worth taking them with. Food is really good there and at the time I went very affordable. In the French Quarter they have a special beignet breakfast - a type of pastry with the usual coffee. For lunch or dinner there's Jambalaya.

The coast of Gulf of Mexico is an excellent idea. Maybe you could work your way up to Orlando, Florida and visit Disney World and Epcot Theme Park. I'm not an overly fan of Disney World, but the Epcot Theme Park if you're into future science etc, is awesome - from the point of how well organized it is, and the excellence of the exhibits. I'd love to go back there to see the changes that have been made.
deanhills on Wed May 10, 2017 8:13 am
Thanks for all the hints, deanhills.
I hope our hotel - the La Galeria - is not that noisy, but like always we have earplugs in our luggage.
Boat trip on Mississippi is certainly on our todo list, and trying all the good food there.
A guided city tour is probably a great idea as well.
We have been in Florida in 2003, that's why for now we plan to turn North before we really get into it. But as I said: we are flexible and might change our mind.
amagard on Wed May 10, 2017 10:16 am
Aha, you've seen Florida .... so yes, probably good to stick to the Gulf of Mexico. Long distances so it should be able to keep you very busy.
deanhills on Thu May 11, 2017 3:51 pm
Enjoy your visit to visit to the United States. Look forward to your great pictures.
standready on Fri May 12, 2017 3:34 pm

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