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How to tag mp3 files

I have a collection of mp3 files which I have named in the form "ARTIST - TITLE.mp3" and wanted to get them tagged properly.
My first plan was to write a Python script to do so, I tried two Python libraries: pytaglib and eyeD3. pytaglib didn't install, on Windows you need a Visual Studio C++ compiler installed to make it work, which I don't have currently. pytaglib was the reason why I tried to deal with ubuntu which confronted me with lots of other problems and finally didn't buy me anything since pytaglib also didn't install properly on ubuntu and ran into some other compile issues.
eyeD3 installed but apparenty can not handle modern mp3 tag formats.

I also tried MusicBrainz recommend in this article "How to tag all your audio files in the fastest possible way", but its user interface is weird and didn't get me my files tagged. And I tried the linux id3tag command mentioned in the same article, again no success, looks like it does not support latest tag formats neither.

Then I bumped into Mp3tag for Windows. Brilliant. It made it a piece of cake to tag my mp3 files through a function 'filename to tag' where you can specify some sort of pattern for the filenames you have been using, %Artist% - %Title%.mp3 in my case, and a few clicks later all my files have been tagged properly.

I right away donated 5 bucks to the author of this freeware tool.

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It sounds like pytaglib is not being well maintained, if it doesn't install easily on Ubuntu either. Was it available in the Ubuntu repositories?

One suggestion, for anyone using Windows who wishes they had a unix-like environment sometimes, is to install Cygwin. The last time I tried that, it was easy to install any of the gnu and other free software you get with a Linux system. I don't know how well GUI programs work in general, but they usually seem to function, and it's a pleasure to have my familiar command line environment available.
SonLight on Mon Mar 20, 2017 12:45 am
TAG, you're it! Twisted Evil
I am glad that you donated to the author. Applause
standready on Mon Mar 20, 2017 3:00 am
I've used MP3TAG in the past and it gets the job done.

you can also add thumbnails to it which show up nicely on the radio display.
Marcuzzo on Thu Mar 30, 2017 11:22 am

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