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Wolfram Alpha–the best site in the internet ?

Wolfram Alpha is probably the most useful site on the internet.
It's not a search engine, it's not an encyclopedia, and it's not a calculator, but it's a little bit of all of that.
writes Walter Hickey on
He shares 32 interesting tips with us what to do with Wolfram Alpha, but if you just head over to the site you find tons more examples. From
plotting mathematical functions (^2+y^3,+x%3D-1..1,+y%3D0..3 )
to learning some facts about poker ({%22C%22,+%22poker%22}+-%3E+{%22CardGame%22}&rawformassumption={%22MC%22,%22%22}-%3E{%22Formula%22} ),
like how many possible 5-card hands there are,
or finding out what has been the most expensive computer ( ),
Wolfram Alpha understands many of your questions and provides answers.

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Yes. It is not the best site on the internet but it is one of the best one out there. I mean, it's so useful for research and college and students and what not. But the purpose of that website is to be a computational engine and it serves the best in its area. It is the number one site of its kind (Don't know whether there are others like it.)

Too bad I discovered it after I finished college. I could have used it a lot back in the days for subjects like Quantitative Techniques. Oh well.
playfungames on Sun Jun 26, 2016 6:53 am

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