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Programmer Automates His Job For 6 Years ...

Programmer Automates His Job For 6 Years, Gets Fired, Realizes He Has Forgotten How To Code

What's wrong with this ?
The entire industry works on automation for decades to safe money and make production of whatever cheaper and more efficient. And in the era of Watson and Cognitive Computing we even want to automate the jobs of doctors, teachers, writer, consultant.

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Nothing really wrong with this. He can no longer do 'his' job of coding and he received compensation for his "automated" code.
standready on Tue Jun 14, 2016 3:15 pm
Since the guy deleted all the information soon after posting it, we'll never get any other side of the story. His initiative in automating the tests is commendable, and taking advantage of it to goof off a bit is understandable, although six years seems like a long time to coast based on eight month's work.

His real problem, as he himself admits, was laziness. He got addicted to useless habits and became unable to produce anything further. He did say he intends to study programming topics and return to the field. I hope he is successful. He will have some trouble getting employment in the future, because any employer would consider him high risk. Perhaps he will have to get an entry-level job for a couple of years before he can return to the level he is qualified for.

Obviously the guy is very bright. With his creative ability, he may be able to automate a lot more things, and if he negotiates wisely he could receive good bonuses instead of hiding the details of his future work.
SonLight on Wed Jun 15, 2016 5:50 pm
I read about such stories many times in internet forums and discussion communities. I think people learn those bash programming in linux and then automates their job and makes money just clicking around and pretending to work. There must be more people out there.

I also read about this programmer who actually doesn't know how to code. He works by asking questions on StackOverflow. The way he figures things out is that he asks questions in segments. How to do this, how to do that. And using all the answers provided by those friends StackOverflow members, the guy builds his entire program and gets things to work and is actually the one who gets paid for it.

These people, do we call them clever?
playfungames on Sun Jun 26, 2016 6:51 am

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