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The indispensible man is my favorite travel blog currently I read again and again, actually I try to catch up with their postings and made it to September 2012 so far. It is about a couple quitting their jobs and their home in 2010 and started traveling ultimately to every place on the world to see it at least once.
They are sort of freelance writer, so to some extend they are able to make some money while being on the road. And regarding their home: legally wise they need to be registered somewhere and it looks like they have chosen Texas as their official home land.
Anyway, one article catching my attention is: "The indispensible man".
How come that the majority of workers take just one third of their vacation days and feel guilty when being away from the office ? How come so many people check their business e-mails while being in holidays or on vacation ?
Because they think they are indispensible. Which is not true, as Brian nicely writes in this blog:
Long after we're gone, the world will continue to move on as it always has -> completely indifferent to our passing. After a short period of adjustment, our life's work will be picked up by someone else. They too will be made to feel irreplaceable up until the point they are replaced, either out of necessity or convenience

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What Brian wrote is so true but most people fear that someone higher up might actually realize that and replace them ahead of schedule.
standready on Thu Jan 07, 2016 5:40 pm
I see a different reality. An enormous shortage of jobs, the numbers of which are shrinking by the day, and quality of jobs and job security getting worse and less secure, and a huge number of job seekers in a world of exploding population numbers. People are competing to get jobs to the extent it has become an art to get one, and once they have those jobs, they are competing to stay in the jobs. In order to stay in the job they have to prove over and over how indispensable they are and how necessary their jobs are to those who are employing them. Being in touch during holiday is a way of trying to keep that job and to demonstrate how much meaning the person is giving to the job. It's only those who are very secure in their jobs who can let go of their jobs during holiday time.
deanhills on Fri Jan 08, 2016 6:34 pm

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