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More money or more health ?

Life is about dealing with priorities.
More money or less stress ? More money or more health ? That's probably the question to think about before heading into the New Year. Read this and think: "Maybe a Little Less Stress Is a Better Deal than a Little More Money"

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I'd like them to do research into the opposite of that statement. As some people seem to thrive on stress, and can't deal with a "little less stress". We're all very different so for some of us a little less stress would go a far way, but for others a "little less stress" may be stressful.
deanhills on Wed Dec 23, 2015 4:33 pm
Yes less stress is better than more money. I am happy to have my health.
standready on Wed Dec 23, 2015 9:28 pm
Gonna be up front, I haven't looked at the article yet Wink

Links between stress and health are pretty well known, but it strikes me as a bit of a privileged point to make. Yeah, work less to reduce stress so your health doesn't suffer... but that only works if you have the privilege of having enough money that it isn't itself a major stressor... which it is for a LOT of people. Lack of money is itself a major contributor to poor health, whether it's due to the (mental/emotional) stress it causes, or more directly in terms of nutrition and access to health care in (backwards) countries where healthcare systems aren't socialized (lookin' squarely at you, United States of America).

Perhaps this sort of privilege is addressed in the article, and I'm just blowing smoke... we'll find out later if I have time to read it, or you guys call me out on it Wink
Ankhanu on Wed Dec 23, 2015 9:50 pm
This a kind of balance problem. It is clear that there are lots of things which are not possible to purchase within the subject of welbeing, many of the preconditions that prepare a base for a good health must be paid for. Cash can purchase wellbeing. Cash can purchase you medical coverage. It can purchase you natural organic food. It can buy help from monetary battles. Extreme anxiety (which can be the result of lack of money) is an inconvenience to wellbeing. Regardless of the fact that you are debilitated, on the off chance that you have a billion dollars, you can purchase the best care on the planet, and solution has advanced sufficiently far to guarantee the exceptionally rich the best in solace and restorative consideration. Apart from these in a perfect world, great wellbeing needs training, nourishment and proactive health controls. Every one of those require a touch of cash. Therefore if you don't have cash, you can't have great wellbeing. And the art of life seems to be making decisions about contrasting factors affecting one’s existence.
ibraltan1 on Thu Dec 24, 2015 11:45 am

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