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Cossacks European Wars - The Fortress of Neisse

Still playing Cossacks European Wars, a quiet old but great strategy game, using a virtual Windows XP on my Windows 10 computer.
Currently I am working on one of the toughest missions so far: The Fortress Of Neisse.
First challenge is to survive the first attack waves of the Prussians. Next goal then has to be to go after them. This is hard because they still have a large army to defeat.

Finally I have been able to do so. One key to success was to use fast Croat cavalier to get into their back and steal or destroy their artillery.
Now I also managed to conquer the mountain in the North. This allows me ( if I can keep it ) to build two more gold mines there and thus obtain more resources for a bigger and better army. ( I am playing the Normal difficulty level, thus resources are quiet limited for this mission )
I started attacking their buildings and towers with my artillery. Hopefully the rest will be easier, but I am not sure yet whether there is another big army waiting somewhere to strike back. Let's see ...

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Still working on that mission ...
Keeping the mountain in the North and the gold mines turned out to be a bad tactic. The Prussians are going after the mines right away and at the end this has cost me more resources than I was gaining.
Thus I moved my army to the mountain in the NortWest. From there I have been able to take out food supply of my opponent and finally control the coal and ore mines over there.

I am getting stronger and stronger now as the counter attacks of the Prussians are getting weaker. Finally I have been moving onto the central mountain in the hearth of the Prussian territory. Things look good now, I hope I am doing the final strike now against them.
amagard on Sat Jan 02, 2016 3:32 pm

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