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Aren't we all Zombies nowadays ?

OK, Halloween is coming up and one or the other of us will turn into a Zombie for one or a few days.
But looking at this comic strip from "Reality Check" makes me think: aren't we all Zombies nowadays, brain-less marionettes as victims of all the mobile and connected gadgets we carry with us each day ? Look at the people at the bus station, in restaurants, at the airport, at home during dinner, and you probably get what I mean.

Yesterday I have been reading an article in Geo about a camp in China where internet-addicted kids are jailed to return to a normal life thru drill and intentional boredom. Scary, sort of ! But seems to work for many to start learning making real friends, playing real games, focus on things that matter.

Found a similar article in The Telegraph: "Inside the Chinese boot camp treating Internet addiction"

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I found it interesting when a girl showed up for help connecting to WiFi and she brought all her devices (laptop, tablet, phone, iPod). She was determined to get connected. I mean, I had easily just as many if not more devices! Granted I only carry the personal phone on my in a holster. The work phone sits in my backpack or purse and I use it when I don't feel like using my own data or if I specifically need something on an Android. I have my iPad but I usually end up just watching Netflix or reading an eBook on it and if I had an eyefi card I might use it more with my camera for quick edits and uploads like I did at our conference. My laptop almost always stays home. My other desktop is just for Netflix and watching stuff off a hard drive. My iPod is just for music as I've found it's gotten rather slow after all the updates. My gaming devices (XBOX One and 360 and a Wii U), they're just parked in the living room and I haven't had much desire to play the games so, again, I just watch Netflix on there or have it playing while I'm cooking.

I'm a bit of a slave to my technology and to the Internet.

I did have the random desire to get Cards Against Humanity since that's a game you play with other people and it can be pretty funny! But I need the cards (there are a lot of them to buy) and I need to get people over here to play it.
TheGremlyn on Tue Oct 27, 2015 1:16 pm
I agree that most people are brain-less marionettes.
So I challenge all to look up from your confounded device and say "hello" to a real person. You might make a friend. Of course, before they respond, they will scan your online presence. laugh
standready on Tue Oct 27, 2015 3:33 pm
I think we have a special breed of zombies these days called smart phone zombies. The ones who walk around staring at that rectangle thing in their hands to the exclusion of the rest of the world. They are always in your way. Can't walk in a straight line, block everyone in shopping aisles, are a danger to the roads.
deanhills on Wed Oct 28, 2015 4:58 pm

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