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You know it is summer when ...

Currently we have a heat wave here in Germany. Today our thermometer climbed to 40 C. It is going like this for one week know and our house heated up to 30 C in the upper flow. We started sleeping in our cellar meanwhile, where it is 6-8 cooler.
40 C is probably not a high temperature for many other countries but for Germany it is quiet high. When I was a kid I remember that a record temperature in summer time may be was 30-32. Most households in Germany don't have air conditioning and thus we start suffering a bit under these temperatures. Nevertheless for today they promised thunderstorms and hopefully some cool down for the next coming days.

"I know it is summer when I have to turn on the lights in my house during the day because all rolling shutter are closed to keep the heat out of the house." would be my saying for this summer.
Currently one of our German radio stations has a game running where people are supposed to come up with a sentence starting with "I know it is summer when ... "

What would be your 'summer' sentence ?

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"I can't stand all those pesky mosquitoes!" This year is a bumper crop to boot.
standready on Sun Jul 05, 2015 3:27 pm
I know it is summer when people here in the UAE are using umbrellas to block the sun.

Must say Amagard 40 degrees Celsius for Western Europe, I never though that could be possible. I thought I was in the hottest place on earth in the Middle East where it gets to early forties. We're also having the hottest days in a long time with temperatures getting near 50 degrees in the peak heat of the day. My house at its hottest these days gets to 31 degrees Celsius inside. There has to be a heavy load on the electricity as this is AC country.
deanhills on Sun Jul 05, 2015 5:42 pm

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