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2.5 has been the Number Of The Month in my monthly read: bild der wissenschaft 11/2014
2.5 children are born worldwide in average by every woman. This number was almost 5 in 1970. See also article in wikipedia about Total fertility rate.
To me it looks like human mankind has understood that we can't afford to put more and more people on this already exhausted planet we live on. But I guess other factors play a bigger role here. It is probably getting more and more expensive to grow up children, and more difficult to organize a personal work life balance, especially for woman.
This rate is very different in different regions of the world: In Africa it is 4.7 while in Europe it is 1.6 and in Germany 1.4.
Actually Germany has the lowest birth rate in term of birth per year per 1000 people, according to this chart on wikipedia.

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I guess it would make sense that birthrates would be higher in countries where the average age is lower. In Germany the population age is much higher (female median age 45). So fertility average would be lower than in Africa where the female median age is almost half of that in Germany, approx 20 years - Uganda 15 years).
Source: List of countries by median age
deanhills on Wed Dec 03, 2014 1:32 pm
That's a valid point, deanhills.
Actually this discussion about age reminds me of an article in the current edition of bild der wissenschaft ( 12/2014 ) - about woman, mainly in wealthy countries, who let their egg cells being extracted and frozen so that they can have children when they are older ( and finished their education, established a carreer, found the right partner, and and and ... ). The new buzzord for this: social freezing.
It comes with some down side: high cost and no guarantee that it works, and higher chance of aborts.
Some call it a true equalization of men and women. Some say we are going too far to control incarnation of human beings.
Social freezing currently is not permitted by law in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
amagard on Wed Dec 03, 2014 4:11 pm
about woman, mainly in wealthy countries, who let their egg cells being extracted and frozen so that they can have children when they are older

I've heard of that too. Ditto sperm. Quite interesting in a day and age when there are more people on earth than resources can cope with. Must get complicated at the point of what happens with the eggs/sperm when the owner dies.
deanhills on Wed Dec 03, 2014 11:54 pm
"Egg freezing gains popularity among women in 30s, 40s" has been just reported by WTOP, a radio station in Washington.
Facebook and Apple announced (...) benefits to help employees pay for fertility treatments, including egg freezing.

In cities such as San Francisco and New York, curious women are coming together over cocktails and appetizers to learn more about the process at egg freezing parties.

These are the 2014 version of Tupperware parties.
amagard on Thu Dec 11, 2014 5:22 pm

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