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Descent 1 - Mission Seti-Alpha V

Just uploaded my 2nd video to youtube showing how I solved a particular problem in the old but still awesome computer game Descent 1. This is about one of the more difficult add-on missions from the "Levels Of The World" package: "Seti-Alpha V". So far I have not completed this mission yet. Can't find a path into the area where I would get the yellow key card. But anyway, at least I found a way how to efficiently deal with the Class 1 Driller robots ejected by the central teleport, as the video nicely shows Twisted Evil .

How did I do the video ?
First of all I used Fraps as a great free tool to capture video output from games. It has the little trade-off to show the Fraps URL in the captured video, but that's acceptable. Another little disadvantage is the limitation of 30-seconds-recordings. It created a 150 MB video file in AVI format. Then I used FormatFactory, my currently preferred free video converter tool, to create a 15 MB MP4 file, small enough to upload to youtube, but still with good quality.

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Ah, solved the Seti-Alpha V mission tonight. There is a secret door behind the blue door leading to the area where the yellow key card is located. The invulnerability device behind a door next to the central teleport is key to take out the invisible driller guarding the yellow key card. The blue area is the hardest part, after getting into the yellow area where energy re-fill is available things are getting easier. Nevertheless probably all three lives are needed to get there; a fresh ship is the only means I can think of to get new energy.
Here is my map also showing the central teleport where I have been dealing with the Class 1 Driller this way:

amagard on Mon May 14, 2012 11:25 pm

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