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How do you celebrate Christmas ?

Yesterday my wife and I visited my grandma in the home of the aged where she lives now. They had an interesting session there where one lady was telling about the different ways people celebrate Christmas in different cultures.
We Germans, she said, seem to take Christmas quiet serious. May be true. In other countries in Africa or South America Christmas seems to be a quiet happy fest.
Different cultures have very different traditions how to celebrate, and also different traditional meals and habits for the holidays around Dec. 24th.
In the household of my mother we have a woman from Poland. While carp is supposed to be a traditional Polish Christmas dinner as we learned yesterday she actually is always cooking a soup of beetroot with some sort of filled noodles, called Pierogi. Very delicious ! They also have the nice tradition to pass around a large baked wafer from which everyone breaks apart a little piece to give to someone else; a nice way to symbolize charity, may be the true sense of Christmas.

So folks, since we are hopefully a multi-cultural community here: let us know how you celebrate Christmas every year. What are you special traditions, habits and meals during those festive days at the end of the year ?

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I suppose we have a fairly average Christmas, although here in Australia we are in the peak of summer.

Christmas eve we often go somewhere to look at the Christmas lights that people put up, there is a place here called the Boulevard and the whole street is all Christmas spirit-y. (Although in recent times it is starting to get too material...)

Christmas we have a tree and lights in the front of the house... we see my family and then my partners family. Food is usually a BBQ and/or cold meats, beer/wine, turkey, pudding and desserts, salads...

I guess as to traditional Christmas food would be the Christmas pudding and also shortbread which is a type of biscuit. My partners family is the same except they have those biscuits with the icing sugar all over it and baclava and galictiburicos and they don't do Christmas pudding. Most people have a dessert called chocolate log cake it is Choc Ripple biscuits in a row with cream in between and all over, put in the fridge overnight, the biscuits kind of melt into the cream and it is really nice and easy.

We do a Kris Kringle for my family and buy pressies for our neices and nephews at my partners.

Sometimes I try to note the solstice in some way but we didn't do anything this year. There was a celebration at the environment park but it was too 'fairy-ish' for me to enjoy it so I didn't go.

Boxing Day is a day at home exhausted watching tv lol or possibly buy a bargain (but we usually avoid the shops) or possibly go to the beach if it is really hot.

It is not taken 'seriously' at all it is a time to visit family, for us. For most Aussies I think it is about families and food and especially it is about kids.

Yeah it is a pretty average Christmas as seen on the tv lol.
Hello_World on Tue Dec 27, 2011 4:45 am

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