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Created on Wed Dec 14, 2011 1:39 pm with 169 blog posts
The is my blog on Frihost. I probbaly don't blog around the clock, but hopefully more than 1 post per life time. My typical areas of interest: project management, & software development.

Victim of some Facebook Phishing in internet with 4 comments on Thu Aug 03, 2017 4:39 pm
Today I became a victim of some Facebook credentials phishing. I received an instant message from one of my Facebook contacts containing a video. When trying to play the video I got prompted to enter my Facebook credentials. After having done this ... my credentials went into the wrong hands. And it became obvious that this video was not from my contact.
This happened on my smartphone. I believe on a PC this never would have happened to me because there are many means to cross-check urls and links and other things to detect a phishing. On a mobile device it is much harder. The login screen really looked authentic.
The result was: many dubious videos sent to all my contacts. In the meantime Facebook right away locked my account because they detect suspicious behavior. I also ( too late ) read the warning from my contact in Facebook from whom I had received the malicious message that her account had been compromised.
I unlocked my Facebook account by setting a new password and acknowledging a confirmation code; Facebook did a quiet good job to detect the problem and take me through steps to resolve. I then posted warning on my Facebook page and also sent warning messages to most of my contacts; luckily I have less than 100 Laughing
Interestingly my Chrome browser on one of my laptops later on insisted in downloading a Malicious Software Removal tool from Facebook, which right away was blocked by my virus scanner. This happened while Facebook was working fine in my Firefox browser. I found this very helpful hint here ( see comment # 3 in this lengthy article ) how to overcome this strange means and enable Facebook again in my Chrome browser.
Enigma in games with 2 comments on Fri Jul 28, 2017 11:16 am
I just wiped out Windows XP from my little Asus Eee Netbook and replaced it with an Ubuntu 16.04. Of course the Asus Eee is a weak little laptop but it turns out ubuntu runs quiet nicely on it. A modern Windows was not a good choice IMHO since it is too resource hungry, especially when I look at all the Windows services attempting to scan my mechanical hard disk. Sometimes I think Microsoft has been sponsored by flash drive manufacturer to increase market demand for their products Wink
While exploring available software in the Ubuntu Software store I discovered Enigma, a nice game I started playing right away. I used to play it some years ago and knew it under the name Oxyd. It is a puzzle game in which you control a ball with the mouse and need to find pairing oxyd stones. In some levels you have to control two little white balls and get them into a hole. Other levels are Sokoban like where you have to move stones around.

Enigma comes with tons of levels, many are real challenging !
Space Politics in technology with 3 comments on Fri Jul 14, 2017 3:24 pm
Two news about space technology published on today caught my attention:

1. Luxemburg became the first country in Europe to come up with laws to control who owns resources mined from asteorids. USA came up with a similar regulation in 2015. ( link )

2. NASA declared they won't have the budget to accomplish their ambitious goal to send men to Mars in the 2030th. ( link )
Coffee drinker live longer in health with 4 comments on Wed Jul 12, 2017 8:08 am
I heard in my radio station this morning that a study with around one million participants revealed that coffee drinker live longer and that this effect is twice as high for males than it is for females.
After googling for it I found several articles about this, like this one on CNN.
Usually I drink tea in the morning, may be I should switch to coffee more often.
The hardest part about learning to program? in software-development with 2 comments on Wed Jul 05, 2017 9:46 am
An interesting discussion thread is going on right now on about "What is the hardest part about learning to program?".
Someone commented: "You don’t know where to start". If you ask for the right programming language, for where to start, what to learn and how to learn, you always get a lot of answers and finally you are simply confused.

Here is my comment to this statement:

You can spend time forever to find the right programming language to start and thus never get started. I recommend to just pick one and get started. To learn the basics of programming it doesn’t matter too much where to start, as long as it isn’t Basic.

Pick any from the Most Popular Programming Language, Python certainly is a good choice: Most Popular Programming Language for First-Time Learners: Python

Once you made the decision you easily find a lot of hints and tips where to learn and what material or tutorials to use.

I would start on the desktop, later on specialize on web or mobile once you grasped the basics.

Whether you prefer reading over videos is a personal choice in general for you how you learn best. Whatever you chose: practice ! Practicing is always the best way to learn. Make mistakes, debug and correct. You best learn from mistakes.

One key to learn something new is to be able and set aside time and focus for it. Put away your mobile, ignore WhatsApp or Facebook for a while and reserve time to focus on your learning and practicing.
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