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It's my birthday today!

Hip hip hooray, this chap here just turned 19. I haven't been active for some time because the quality of the overall posts on Frihost were so frustrating that I figured out, I had better things to do than replying to nonsense threads during my precious holidays. (I only had 3 weeks of holidays) So in that period of time, I learned some new languages, programming languages that is. Smile I learned how to build PHP and MySQL driven websites, like CMS's etc. I also learned AppleScript, an english like programming language for Mac users that enables you to do quite useful things with just minor code.

For example, I made a script that launches on startup and asks me if I want to clean my desktop and clean out my trash. It also checks for old backups on my computer (more on that later on Razz ) and deletes them too. It then asks me what WorkFlow I want to start, I made three basic workflows: As Usual (Safari in space 1, Mail in space 4, Colloquy in space 2), Web Development (Safari in space 2, MAMP in space 4, Coda in space 5, Colloquy in space 6 and Finder in space 8 ) and App Development (Xcode in space 4, Safari space 1, Colloquy space 2). Depending on what workflow I selected, it then backs up my files in a temporary space, so I can freely adjust without worrying that the CMD+Z doesn't go that far back to go back to the beginning. Those backups are also the backups that get deleted on startup. Smile

And as you might have guessed, I'm currently learning Objective-C so I can make native Cocoa Apps for my Mac. Well actually the learning is on a hold, exams have a priority of course but once those are finished, I'll continue my journey in the wide world of C, Objective-C and Cocoa.

Well that's it for today.


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Happy birthday buddy. Very Happy
loremar on Mon Aug 29, 2011 8:59 am
Happy Birthday, adri! I remember 19, of course, that was way too many years ago for me. Congratulations on adding the programming language.
standready on Mon Aug 29, 2011 10:17 pm
Thanks guys. Very Happy
adri on Mon Sep 05, 2011 11:48 am

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