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The Wire

It took a while to watch all the episodes of this series but finally I can write my review as I watched all the episodes in somewhat over a month (I started the second week of April).

So what is the series about?
The Wire started 9 years ago, in 2002, with their first season. It is a police show but not the typical one. One season spans one big case and in stead of the normal "the watcher can think along with the police and in the end you know who did it" it does it differently. You both get to see the "Gang" and how they work and on the other side, you see the police chasing them. This gives very interesting scenarios and makes the show an awful lot better than the average CSI or NCIS episode.

The Good and the bad
One of the things that I like of this series is that because a season is around 14 episodes long, all around 55 minutes, you get a very good idea of what a personage thinks and how he will react in certain situations. As a matter of fact, you actually get to know some personages quite well and you start to like them or dislike them. But as the series advances into yet another season, you start to think "Oh no, not him again" of people you don't like or you feel sad when a person dies that you liked in this series. But nevertheless most personages are likable. Wink

Series versus Reality
I don't know an awful lot about American politics but it looks to me that The Wire does quite a good job to describe or tell you how it goes in real life. Baddies get away because some evidence wasn't correctly picked up, they don't get the fundings they need, they have to solve a case quick for the stats which leads to an early unfolding of the case (so you don't get the brain of the gang, just the lower rank), etc. Every season is also made from a certain eye point. For example, season 3 was from the point of the elections of a new mayor ("mayor says crime rates will go down" etc.), season 4 was the education and the schools, so you get a whole new plot and view on the things and personages. For example (hypothetically): In season 1 you would see a kid saying "I just stopped with school" standing on a corner whilst in season 4, you would get the kid in school and the view of the teachers and such too.

Every season has its own theme. It is always the same song but performed by other people. So as a bonus, I'll post the five intro's from every season. Smile

To begin my conclusion with, it was a pleasure to watch this series and I think it is one of the best series in its category ever produced! (No kidding here Razz ) Because of the length of one season and the way a season is built, it gives good inside in how personages think in this series and you get a glimp of how the political structure in America works and how one person could ruin whole cases and such. Not only was this series built the right way, it also has a strong story and plot which makes you wanna see a season as fast as possible. The only downside of this kind of series is that sometimes you get more political issues than work on a case which makes it frustrating from time to time.

Yet if I would need to rate this series, I would give it a nine out of ten (9/10). Smile


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I also liked the series. I was watching every episode at one stage, and then it stopped, and when it was resumed, it had jumped maybe one or two series, and I then watched less. As it was pretty confusing. I like the main actor however. The police detective, although every character is well put together. What made an impression too, in those first series, was how this one drug pusher was looking after his siblings, getting them up in the mornings for school, scrounging for food. Very realistic. Very Happy
deanhills on Sun May 22, 2011 9:40 pm

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