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[EM] Admiral Freebee

One of the best Belgian artists in the last decade or so. He makes some very good alternative music and as a frequent listener of his songs, I'll hereby post some of his best songs according to me.

Einstein Brain
At first I thought this was a song made by an american, it has such an american vibe in it, I can't help it. Probably people from America and other countries will hear an accent or something but being from the same country as him, I don't hear any. Razz The Einstein Brain refrain (well actually keep repeating the sentence 'Einstein Brain' for two minutes or so) is very catchy and you will be amazed how long it stays in your head once you listened to it. (*Oh god, I probably scared 50% off the readers now*)
Another thing I feel when I listen to this song is a very summer(y) feeling with no school, no rules,...

Rememberable quote
You can't milk a cow with your hands in your pants.

Last song about You
Not to much tell about this song, in opposition to the previous song it does not let me think of the summer but it is more depressing... yet a nice song.

Rags 'n Run
Another not so positive song yet quite beautiful too... Also a nice touch with the video. Smile (with (poor) people running and a rich guy playing golf like there is nothing wrong).

Always on the Run
This is a song from 2010, a bit more volume beneath the song itself but also pretty catchy. Smile (You keep singing the 'Always on the Run' in your head, singing it a loud for me isn't be possible because of the high notes in 'Always' and my voice isn't trained for that Razz )


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Never heard of Admiral Freebee before, pretty good, and the accent doesn't sound at all Belgique to me, but to be fair, most people seem to sing in English with an American accent - including me! Laughing

...the style/voice also reminds me of a US band I quite like, 'Eels'
watersoul on Thu Mar 17, 2011 10:39 pm

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