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[EV] When we grow, this is what we can do (Spliff)

A very interesting documentary about the law* and Cannabis, Cannabis and medical purposes and what is legal and what is illegal.

* The Law in the UK.

EDIT: I edited the blog name, because I haven't posted recently I forgot to use my own prefixes. lol
After I changed it, it gave an error that my subject was too long, so I changed Cannabis to Spliff, which is a shorter word and means the same. Of course I could have also changed it to Skunk, Ganja, hash, 'erb etc... But I prefer spliff for no good reason (I actually prefer Cannabis but that's too long for the subject title).


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Interesting film adri, I've not watched it all but the message is pretty standard truth about the benefits of hemp as a product and potential fuel. The sad truth though is that as long as it remains illegal in the UK, the only growing going on will be inside (secretly) under artificial light and destined only to be smoked.

A friend of mine recently got released from a couple of years in prison after being caught with a grow in his basement. A different friend of mine who is a police officer (which might be surprising!) tells me that most of his cop mates actually prefer dealing with pot-heads than violent people who are under the influence of the legal drug alcohol.

It's a strange paradox when a plant which can provide so many beneficial uses is illegal to grow, yet a drug which kills thousands each year and causes tens of thousands of violent incidents (alcohol) is curiously legal Rolling Eyes
watersoul on Sat Mar 05, 2011 7:16 pm
Yeah, it is odd, that's for sure. Laughing Maybe it has something to do with culture, we (mostly europeans) brew beer since the Middle Ages and it was considered to be good (it cleaned your body because of the alcohol in it). Whilst Cannabis, as a sigaret not as hennep or hemp, hasn't really got a long history here and hence they make it illegal.

And like they said in the documentary, the amount of Cannabis needed to get you an overdose, is extremely high whilst with alcohol it isn't too hard...

Wikipedia wrote:
It is extremely difficult to overdose by smoking marijuana; a typical marijuana "joint" contains less than 10 mg of THC, and one would have to smoke thousands of those in a short period of time to approach toxic levels.

adri on Sun Mar 06, 2011 11:15 am
Lol! I can't imagine ever overdosing on a smoke. When I used to indulge myself I'd be fast asleep on someones sofa long before I reached dangerous levels...and sometimes getting obscene things drawn on my face with a marker pen by my friends! Laughing
watersoul on Mon Mar 07, 2011 7:49 pm
haha that joke is classic, we do it all the time. Very Happy Although we try to completely cover the face with a marker (the overall objective). But indeed, most of the time it starts with a phallus (to use another word for once) and then it just gets worse. Razz For those who are thinking that this is childish, yeah it probably is but it's also pretty damn funny. Laughing (Especially because you can't get it off very quickly)

adri on Wed Mar 09, 2011 8:57 pm
Of course it's childish, who ever really wants to completely grow up?!
We 'did' my friends face last Sunday, really badly, when he fell asleep at about 6am. He's got 2-3mm long hair as well so we even wrote on the back of his head. That way he wouldn't see it in the mirror!
We all know the rules, if you crash out at a party then you're 'fair game' Laughing

...he did laugh though (as I would if it had been me), so if you know your target, yes, being silly is something everyone should do sometimes. The world needs to do it a little more I reckon, being childish can be beneficial in the right places!
watersoul on Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:27 pm

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