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[EV] Awesome Video's - Part 1

Like the title says, this is the first post in awesome video's on my blog. So whenever you're feeling depressed or bored, check out the movies in my blog. Goodbye Boredom (or depression but that was actually a joke). Very Happy

Keenan Cahill - Down on me (including 50 cent)

More from him (official Channel of that guy): BeenerKeeKee19952

Guy starts dance party
What happens if a person starts dancing solo on a festival? Everybody joins ofcourse!

Fail Compilation
One word: Awesome

(Took me a few minutes to make this video public
for everyone, as Youtube has disabled this video
for non registrated users because it would contain
'violent' parts <-- Absolute nonsense, that video is just Awesome. Razz )

Does a horse fit in a car?
Of course it does, thanks to that guy in the car for giving us the proof. Very Happy

adri Smile

3 blog comments below

Adri, that 'Guy starts dance party' vid is absolutely brilliant!!
I've been to many many fest's and beach dance parties over the years, and seen some pretty amazing things, but that vid totally sums up the 'crowd crazyness' Smile

Nice one for posting it, really made me smile for sure!
watersoul on Mon Jan 10, 2011 8:34 pm
Adri, those are just crazy. I would expect a horse under hood but not in the back seat (must be one of those mid-engine vehicles). lol
standready on Mon Jan 10, 2011 11:20 pm
@standready: The thing is, I don't understand how they got him on that backseat? I always thought horses were quite claustrophobic... and you can't really push a horse in it without getting kicked by the horse. Also how do they keep the horse so calm? I got a cat and he doesn't like it when I'm driving to the vet, he gets all frightened and stuff. :/

@watersoul: I wonder why there aren't more people who do that, I guess most people would feel ashamed to be dancing alone. Because like in the video, they first laugh with that guy but afterwards they think it's cool and they all join. Smile

adri on Wed Jan 12, 2011 2:05 pm

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