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Cleaning my computer...

A few weeks after I cleaned my Webhost here on Frihost, I thought it was time to clean my computer for the first time. Smile

First up was the Apple Mail Application. I deleted a few hundreds of mails and the rest was added to directories that help me sort my mail. One for friends & Family, another for school related emails and the rest is just in the Incoming folder as by default.

The second thing I did was cleaning up the Documents area (+ Downloads). Oh boy, what a mess.
Confused It took me 3 hours to get everything right. To begin with, I had created a directory named Websites with some subdirectories named Fonts, Envato, My Websites, Try Outs, eBooks (ebooks about Web Design, CSS, PHP & MySQL, Wordpress, phpbb2, web related stuff actually), Video's (tutorials mainly from websites that have video tutorials about photoshop or jQuery). I then started to organize things, or in other words, started to move everything to the good directory. Secondly, I organized all my school stuff per course. A directory for Algebra, one for Chemistry (with over 30 video's about chemical reactions Mr. Green ),... Third up, was the 'Downloads' directory where I deleted all the .zip files that I unzipped a long time ago and that are just filling up space and I also tried, and succeeded, to move all the other files to their own directories.

I also deleted some Apps with the App Appzapper. Razz And deleted my Browsing history and cookies etc. In total, I deleted over 20Gb of files (mainly .zip files). Which leaves me now with around 250Gb of free space on my laptop. (I also have external hard drives with some extra space if needed) Smile

It feels good to have everything organized. Very Happy


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Tidy hard drive = tidy mind! Lol

...good one Adri, hope these last couple of days have been full of smiles for you Smile
watersoul on Sun Dec 26, 2010 8:23 pm

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