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1005 days (or 86.8 million seconds or 1.5 million minutes or 24.000 hours or 143 weeks or 2 years, 1 month and 1 day Razz ) after registration, I made my 1000st. So I guess it's time to make a review about my two years here at Frihost?

This will probably be my longest post ever (although I don't know that yet because I still have to write it while typing this now) because I spent countless hours on the Forums, on my own frihost webhost and on the not so active Frihost IRC. But anyway, let's start.

The Negative
So let's begin with the website first. Well to be honest, the website looks very dated and lacks the appeal to bring in a whole new set of members. First of all, the lay-out should be changed to something clean and simple. Secondly, the homepage should be up to date (a.k.a. not 5 year old information) and giving information about recent topics, announcements,.. so members of the Frihost community also visit the homepage, because I actually don't. Also a good thing to put on your website, is the status of our servers and a little welcome text (not just details about webhosting). I still know that I was a little suspicious when I first came to this website... giving a welcome text, some examples of websites (preferably without the premium domainname but with or,.. so there can't be any mistake that the website isn't hosted with Frihost) could change that. Changing the logo, would be nice too.

The Second thing I would like to mention is the blogging system that I'm using now. Although everything seems nice and well functioning for other people, there are still some key features that I miss on this blogging system. The first one is the possibility to remove blogposts. As you can see on left side of this message, I have a category 'Not Relevant' where I have put the posts that I actually want to have deleted, but sadly that isn't possible. The second one is the possibility to remove categories, which is again not available on the Frihost Blogging system. Also a reward for active bloggers would be nice (so members actually start using them...), a place on the new homepage would therefor be welcome. Smile The third issue and probably the most important one, is the ability to change the title of your blogposts. Although you can edit your posts, you are not able to change the title (you can change it in the edit-page but the changes aren't transmitted to the database).

The Last negative point here, is the frequent posts of people who don't want to post for their hosting, well I got one advice for them... DON'T JOIN! Because the chances that you get, when you just post ten ridiculous small answers, your hosting are slim. Also those people tend to get negative posts very quickly...

I don't have a lot of negative points on the Webhosting itself. The only small downside I could find is that the people of Server one (like me Razz ) get 250Mb of webspace and the people of Server 2 and 3 get 500Mb. Sad Well that's not fair. Sad *begging* Ok, I know that have been some issues a while ago but it would be nice to have some more space. */begging*

The Positive
Ah, the positive points of Frihost. Very Happy Where should I start... Razz

Well the first good point is obviously the very good webhosting which is even better than most cheap webhosting available on the world wide web. Although I can only give comments to the cPanel/Server 1 webhost, I do think that Frihost is top class webhosting. cPanel is great and easy to work with. So nothing else but good positive things here...

And if you do have a problem with your webhost, you can always get support on the Official Frihost Forums (which is my second positive point). The problems you have are pretty quickly solved (as long as you give enough details too, because saying 'it doesn't work' isn't really explaining your problem to the Community).

The Community is another good point on Frihost. I remember that when first browsing this forums (before registering), they gave me the feeling that this wasn't a scam, that there are other people who use this (and they don't seem to be upset with the webhosting), that problems do get solved,... so it's a really good thing that guests can read (almost) everything and even post some questions in the Guest forum.

The last good point of Frihost is the new premium domainname service. I remember the days when I spend my time on Frihost to keep my host, while posting on ddboard to get a free domainname. Sadly ddboard was sold and I lost all my points (the community wasn't as great as this community though... Very Happy ). But now there is a new website who REALLY offers free web domainnames -> Frihost. Smile Although I'm not so eager to get a domainname right now, I'll probably use it when I get 350 coins. Ah yeah coins... Another great invention of Steve (=Bondings for the new people around here), it's a really good system because it recuperates your daily lost points (if you're over 45 points that is) and changes them into coins (^0.6 that is).

So... GOOD JOB STEVE. Smile (but you still have some work to do Razz )

Hmmm... well I guess this is about it and it probably is my longest post ever made on Frihost (you see I was right in the beginning Razz ).

Greetings from Belgium,


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A great and fairly accurate review.

I agree on most points. We certainly need a new design. I personally think a new modern design will bring more users. Like you said, as a new user, this could definitely come across as a scam. A new look would be more comforting to new users.

I think I would even be more active myself if the design interface was nicer to look at. Laughing
Ghost Rider103 on Mon Nov 15, 2010 10:00 am
@Ghost Rider103
the design interface isnt good because , installing phbb3 or other themes require full recoding , which bondings surely hates to encounter
mahirh on Mon Nov 15, 2010 6:25 pm

I'm not talking about changing to phpbb3, I'm just talking about changing the homepage to start with. Which doesn't require a lot of recoding (except the xhtml/css ofcourse). Later on the Forum design could be changed, whilst staying with phpbb2. And yes that requires some recoding but the pure PHP work is already done so it's just the implantation of that PHP code into the new design that could take up a fair amount of time. Smile

But anyway, I'm not seeing a lot of downsides about changing the lay-out of the homepage and forums, except the hours of work that probably come with it...

adri on Wed Nov 17, 2010 11:12 am
maybe bonding is too busy with the development of competitions
mahirh on Thu Nov 18, 2010 11:12 am
Wow, thanks for the detailed review!

I pretty much agree with all the negative stuff. I just fixed the blog title editing bug. For all the rest you'll have to wait a bit longer, unfortunately.
Bondings on Thu Nov 18, 2010 5:04 pm
Thanks for fixing the title bug. Smile

adri on Thu Nov 18, 2010 10:10 pm

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