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TWL 04d - The Bible Is A Power In The Life

TWL Blogs Series


What has been said so far relates to facts based on evidence and study. But we also learn to know truth by personal experiment and experience.

Here is a true story of what the Bible can do to make men happy, healthy and wealthy.

About two hundred years ago King George III of England sent out an expedition by sea. A crew of forty-six men set sail on the good ship Bounty. They were to go to the island of Tahiti, dig breadfruit trees, and plant them on nearby uninhabited islands. Thus food would be available on these islands and it would be possible for people to live there.

The ship reached Tahiti. After six months, the mission was completed. But while there, the sailors fell in love with and married Tahitian girls. So when it came time to leave, they did not want to leave. But the captain forced them to leave.

Out at sea the sailors rebelled. There was mutiny on the Bounty. The captain and eighteen loyal men were set out to sea by the rebels in an open lifeboat. Then the rebels took the ship back to Tahiti and got their wives.

Nine of the men stayed on the ship and came to the Island of Pitcairn, a small uninhabited island at the time. There they burned the Bounty.

All of the men drank themselves to death. Only one man, Alexander Smith, lived. He found a Bible in one of the dead sailor's belongings. As he read it, a great change came over his life. He decided to make good men and children out of the wives and the children of the dead sailors. As the children grew and married a good-sized population resulted. All became followers of God and of the Bible, the Bool of God.

When a boat found the island years later, there was no jail, no hospital, no crime, no disease. Everyone was happy. Why? Because all of the inhabitants were living by God's Book. The Bible made that island a little speck of heaven on earth. Such is the power of the Bible.

The Bible has the power to change lives. It has given the downcast and discouraged hope, joy, and peace. It has made raging drunkards sober and kind. It has made the proud, humble, and the selfish generous. It has made enemies love each other. It has taken ruined men and women and made new again.

You can turn to the Bible when you are worried and you will find relief. When you have failed, you will find encouragement and strength. When you feel lonely and fearful, you will find peace. When you are sick, you will find comfort. When your future is uncertain, you will find hope and trust. When friends fail you, you will find in the Bible a Friend to turn to.

So another reason for my belief in the Bible is personal experience. The Bible has brought great changes into my life. Through it my relationships toward my fellow men have changed. Through it I have become acquainted with God. I know Him as a daily companion and intimate Friend. How can I now do otherwise than believe the Bible which has led me to Him and revealed Him to me? My belief in the Bible and my faith in God are based on what I am satisfied is proven truth.

How is it with you? Have you been searching for peace and hope, for joy and security, for a happier life? All this is to be found by a study of what the Father of us all has for us in His word, the Holy Bible.

Accurate history and science, fulfilled prophecies, and human experience all prove that the Bible is true. It is true because it is God's word. God says of the Bible, "It is in truth, the word of God." 1 Thessalonians 2:13. KJV. Though the Bible was written by men it is God's word, for "no prophecy ever came by the impulse of man, but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God." 2 Peter 1:21.

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