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TWL 04b - Bible Science is True To Known Facts

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The Bible is not a textbook on science, but wherever it deals with science, it always tells the truth. It is not always in agreement with the theories and philosophies of the scientists, but it is always in accord with the absolute facts of science. In fact, the Bible makes many scientific statements that reveal a knowledge of science far beyond what men knew at the time the Bible was written.

What modern science now teaches the Bible taught long ago. For instance the Bible says that God "hath made of one blood all nations of men." Acts 17:26 KJV. Disregarding this Bible teaching some have believed for many centuries that there was a difference in the blood of the various races. But science has now exploded this wrong idea. With the invention of the microscope scientists can now see the blood magnified many times. As they look at the blood of the various races under the microscope, what do they find? The blood of all races is alike--just as the Bible has always taught. Professor Albert Deutch, a well-known scientist, declares: "Science will now back up the Biblical precept that God made of one blood all nations. The blood of all human beings is in all respects the same." True science and the Bible always agree. (Acts is the book written within the Bible, 17 is the chapter, 26 is the verse.)

Twenty-five hundred years ago God had Isaiah write in the Bible about "the circle of the earth." Isaiah 40:22. When this was written people thought the earth was flat. Only in the modern days of world travel have men known that the earth is round, and yet this truth has been in the Bible for twenty-five years.

And look at this statement written nearly four thousand years ago: God "hangs the earth upon nothing." Job 26:7. Before modern times men thought the earth was held up by pillars or floated on the sea. But today those who have gone up in space ships have seen the world as a a globe hanging in mid-air. Long before science discovered it, the Bible gave a scientific answer to what upholds the earth. God has hung the earth upon nothing!

Notice a few other examples of scientific truth found in the Bible. The air has weight, or pressure. Job 28:25. Deficiency in vitamin A, found in grass, causes eye failure. Jeremiah 14:6. As evidenced today in radio and television, lightning--electricity--carries messages and pictures. Job 38:35. Heat from fire and water kills germs. Numbers 31:23.

Scores of other scientific principles are in complete harmony with Bible truth. This harmony is to be expected, for the Creator is Himself the Author of the Bible. I have found the Bible and true science to harmonize; therefore, I believe.

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