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TWL 04a - Bible History Is Accurate

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Let us first consider the stories of the Bible. Are they true?

The Bible tells the origin of our world and of man, and touches the history of nations. Its stories describe the lives and customs of people in great detail. For centuries it was not possible to verify these facts. And critics of the Bible charged that many of the names, places and customs mentioned in the Bible were not real.

But in the past one hundred years archaeologists, the devoted historians of ancient times, have gone to the countries mentioned in the Bible and dug into the ancient mounds. Under the dust of thousands of years, they have found the ruins of the very cities mentioned in the Bible. They have found that the very customs and conditions described in the Bible once existed in these cities.

Before these discoveries critical historians claimed that the Hittite people mentioned in the Bible had never existed. They doubted that King Sargon of Bible fame ever really lived. But lo, when the historians began to dig into the dust heaps, they discovered the very palace of King Sargon. The Hittite civilization was found. So the Bible was correct and those historians in error.

Clay tablets, pottery, buildings, scrolls--all kinds of objects have been found that tell us of the life and customs of the ancient peoples of the world. Everything agrees perfectly with the Bible stories. And so the historians can no longer disbelieve the Bible. Instead they use it as a guidebook to help them find buried cities and civilizations.

In modern times men have used the Bible to find mineral wealth for their country These men remembered the Bible description of King Solomon's copper mines. For years they searched for them until one day in 1934 Rabbi Nelson Glueck came upon a place which the Arabs called Copper Ruin. He began digging at this spot and found ancient walls and furnaces full of copper slag. Pottery was also unearthed nearby, dating from the time of King Solomon, three thousand years ago. Rabbi Glueck, not only dug up valuable ore--he brought forth proof that the Bible story of Solomon's copper mines is true.

The Bible speaks of musical instruments being used by David nearly three thousand years ago. Objectors and critics once claimed that musical instruments were not known at that time, that they were not invented until five hundred years later. Then historians discovered a tomb at Beni Hasan in Egypt. On its walls is the picture of a man playing a harp that was cut in the stone wall of this tomb four thousand years ago. So musical instruments were used hundreds of years before the time of David. The Bible is right again and the doubting historian wrong.

The Bible is full of historical evidences even more striking than we have discussed in these few short paragraphs. Anyone who is willing to spend the time to read a few pages of history may have evidence that the Bible is true. Read the Bible for yourself, then turn to history and you will find that the Bible is true.

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