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TWL 04d - The Bible Is A Power In The Life in The Way Of Life (TWL) with 0 comments on Wed Dec 06, 2017 12:30 pm
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What has been said so far relates to facts based on evidence and study. But we also learn to know truth by personal experiment and experience.

Here is a true story of what the Bible can do to make men happy, healthy and wealthy.

About two hundred years ago King George III of England sent out an expedition by sea. A crew of forty-six men set sail on the good ship Bounty. They were to go to the island of Tahiti, dig breadfruit trees, and plant them on nearby uninhabited islands. Thus food would be available on these islands and it would be possible for people to live there.

The ship reached Tahiti. After six months, the mission was completed. But while there, the sailors fell in love with and married Tahitian girls. So when it came time to leave, they did not want to leave. But the captain forced them to leave.

Out at sea the sailors rebelled. There was mutiny on the Bounty. The captain and eighteen loyal men were set out to sea by the rebels in an open lifeboat. Then the rebels took the ship back to Tahiti and got their wives.

Nine of the men stayed on the ship and came to the Island of Pitcairn, a small uninhabited island at the time. There they burned the Bounty.

All of the men drank themselves to death. Only one man, Alexander Smith, lived. He found a Bible in one of the dead sailor's belongings. As he read it, a great change came over his life. He decided to make good men and children out of the wives and the children of the dead sailors. As the children grew and married a good-sized population resulted. All became followers of God and of the Bible, the Bool of God.

When a boat found the island years later, there was no jail, no hospital, no crime, no disease. Everyone was happy. Why? Because all of the inhabitants were living by God's Book. The Bible made that island a little speck of heaven on earth. Such is the power of the Bible.

The Bible has the power to change lives. It has given the downcast and discouraged hope, joy, and peace. It has made raging drunkards sober and kind. It has made the proud, humble, and the selfish generous. It has made enemies love each other. It has taken ruined men and women and made new again.

You can turn to the Bible when you are worried and you will find relief. When you have failed, you will find encouragement and strength. When you feel lonely and fearful, you will find peace. When you are sick, you will find comfort. When your future is uncertain, you will find hope and trust. When friends fail you, you will find in the Bible a Friend to turn to.

So another reason for my belief in the Bible is personal experience. The Bible has brought great changes into my life. Through it my relationships toward my fellow men have changed. Through it I have become acquainted with God. I know Him as a daily companion and intimate Friend. How can I now do otherwise than believe the Bible which has led me to Him and revealed Him to me? My belief in the Bible and my faith in God are based on what I am satisfied is proven truth.

How is it with you? Have you been searching for peace and hope, for joy and security, for a happier life? All this is to be found by a study of what the Father of us all has for us in His word, the Holy Bible.

Accurate history and science, fulfilled prophecies, and human experience all prove that the Bible is true. It is true because it is God's word. God says of the Bible, "It is in truth, the word of God." 1 Thessalonians 2:13. KJV. Though the Bible was written by men it is God's word, for "no prophecy ever came by the impulse of man, but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God." 2 Peter 1:21.

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PTH 03b - The Long Journey in Pathway To Health (PTH) with 0 comments on Wed Dec 06, 2017 12:22 pm
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Have you wondered how food can be changed from its natural state into human tissues, skin, blood, and organs? The digestive system performs the essential task of breaking up food into its chemical-building units. Complex food molecules are broken down to simple molecules that can be absorbed and carried into the blood. Metabolism is a chemical process by which these simple molecules of food are converted into energy and body tissue.

For much of the long trip through the digestive system, food is either squeezed or pushed by muscles. Thus, our intestinal tract often reflects muscle and nervous tension. The food is also dissolved by a series of digestive juices containing enzymes which produce chemical changes in the food.

Digestion begins in the mouth. The food is crushed and chopped by the teeth. The teeth at the front of the jaw cut and tear the food into smaller pieces. Molars in the rear grind the food. While the food is being pulverized into a mass called a "bolus", the digestive juice of the salivary glands begins a breakdown of starches or carbohydrates. An enzyme in the saliva splits the molecules of starch into smaller molecules of simple sugars. You can see the importance of taking time to eat slowly and chewing your food well.

The stomach is a J-shaped organ about ten inches long. Since it is a muscular organ, it cannot grind up the food which has not been chewed thoroughly. Present in the stomach is hydrochloric acid so corrosive that it would blister your skin. Also present is a protective substance, mucus, so effective that nothing can penetrate to the stomach wall, including the acid. The stomach is protected from digestion of itself by the mucus produced by glands in its walls and also by an adequate blood supply.

If your stomach is normal, it is a tough organ not affected by food, unless it is extremely hot, cold or spicy. "Hot" spicy foods such as black pepper, and chili pepper irritates the tiny nerve endings in the wall of the stomach by burning them. Pepper has no taste, but produces its effect by burning the nerves, which tells us of hot and cold sensations in the tongue, mouth and throat as well.

Pepper accidentally sprinkled in the eye causes a severe irritation. Tears flow quickly as the body tries to dilute the irritant. The extra amount of acid is also harmful to the stomach.

Since pepper is not a food, it irritates the delicate lining of the entire intestinal tract. Some of it is absorbed into the blood. The blood wants to get rid of it as soon as possible, also, and sends it to the kidneys, where it irritates the tiny filters in the kidneys as well.

So be kind to your stomach and body. Avoid irritants of all kinds.

The stomach is also affected by your emotions. The effect depends upon the emotion. Anger will produce violent churning in the stomach and fiery red areas on the walls. If the anger is prolonged or intense enough these areas will actually bleed. On the other hand, if you are frightened your stomach lies still and the inner lining becomes pale. Emotional tension, fear, anger, and frustration increase secretion of acid and also decrease the supply of blood by constriction of the blood vessels. The stomach may then digest itself and form what we know as peptic ulcer. You can understand, therefore, the importance of avoiding harmful emotions. Plan your meal time so that you will enjoy an unhurried pleasant occasion.

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TWL 04c - Bible Prophecies Are Fulfilled in The Way Of Life (TWL) with 0 comments on Mon Nov 20, 2017 12:56 pm
TWL Blogs Series


The Bible has foretold events thousands of years before they took place. It contains approximately one thousand predictions, or prophecies, foretelling future events. A large portion of these are already fulfilled, and others are today being fulfilled. Of the entire number no prophecy has failed, and this fact gives certainty to the Bible's predictions of the future.

Perhaps the grandest city of all ancient times was Babylon. Speaking under guidance from God, the prophet Isaiah foretold Babylon's complete destruction. Isaiah 13:19.

When Isaiah wrote, his prophecy must have caused the people of his day to laugh. For not only was Babylon a great city, but kings were still enlarging it and making it one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Then one hundred years later, Babylon was destroyed, just as the Bible has foretold.

Isaiah not only foretold the destruction of Babylon, he also predicted, "It will never be inhabited or dwelt in for all generations; no Arab will pitch his tent there, ... but wild beasts will lie down there." Isaiah 13:20, 21.

According to this Bible prophecy, Babylon was never again to be inhabited, except by wild beasts of the desert, and no Arab would pitch his tent on the ruins of Babylon. If you should visit the ruins of Babylon today, as I have, you would find that not one word of the prophecy has failed; all has been fulfilled.

How did Isaiah know that Arabs would still be living near Babylon in our day? How did he know that the Arabs would not pitch their tents at the ruins of Babylon? How did he know that Babylon would be destroyed as a nation and never again be inhabited? There is only one possible answer. he was told what to write by God.

The striking Bible prophecies, made many hundred years of years ago, describe our modern world.

One Bible prophet wrote of our day, "Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase." Daniel 12:4. Here is a prediction of the rapid advance of world-wide travel and invention that have taken place during the last fifty years. There has been more advance of knowledge in the past fifty years than in the previous two thousand years.

Another Bible prophecy says of our day: "And upon the earth distress of nations in perplexity ... men fainting with fear and with foreboding of what is coming on the world; for the powers of the heavens will be shaken." Luke 21:25, 26. These words were written in the Bible nineteen hundred years ago, yet what language could more vividly describe the picture of our world today? The finger of prophecy has pointed out conditions as they are. Today these prophecies are being fulfilled before our very eyes.

Whenever the Bible makes predictions, they are certain to come true. This is the most severe test. Only God could have such accurate and detailed knowledge of events before they happen.

Much of the Bible is devoted to prophecy. In the thousands of details of Bible prophecy study and comparison with history shows that nothing has failed thus far. Faced with this, my soul can but stand in awe and say, "God, I believe."

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PTH 03a - Eat To Live - Eating Affects All Of You in Pathway To Health (PTH) with 0 comments on Sun Nov 19, 2017 2:07 pm
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One of the greatest pleasures in life is sitting down to a delicious, well-prepared, appetizing meal with your family or friends. In fact, just thinking of your favorite dish makes your mouth water in pleasant anticipation. More time is spent with food, in either growing it, preparing it, or eating it, than any other human activity. But have you chosen the right kind of food? Did you know that what you eat affects how you feel? Dr. Fredrick Stare of Harvard University said, "In my opinion, nutrition is the most important single environmental factor affecting health. Animal experiments have shown that by improving the diet of the animal, the life can be prolonged by 10% and outward signs of old age can be postponed."

Nutrition affects all of you. It does more than meet your physiological needs. Nutrition affects you mentally and spiritually as well. Diet even affects your personality. Research has shown that vitamin or mineral deficiencies can produce mental and personality changes.

For example: the lack of thiamine or vitamin B1 makes you feel cross and irritable, and sad and moody. If you lack other factors of the B-complex, you may become depressed, irritable, or your mind may experience strange sensations that don't exist, called hallucinations. Insufficient iron results in lower haemoglobin, or anemia, which reduces the capacity of your red blood cells to carry oxygen to the brain and other parts of the body.

Even the skipping of meals like breakfast can affect your attitude and performance. In a study of a group of secondary school boys, the majority had better grades, as well as improved attitudes when they had a good breakfast. Yet how many boys and girls are sent to school without a nourishing breakfast! When mid-morning break comes, they take their pocket money and fill up on sweets and soft drinks that only satisfy their hunger, but do nothing to build strong bodies and alert minds.

Another study amongst a group of factory workers indicated that carelessness and irritability, which led to a greater number of accidents around eleven a.m. occurred among those workers who did not eat breakfast. Your body is in greater need of food at breakfast than at any other period of the day. After a long fast during the night, your blood sugar is at a low level. Make breakfast the most important meal of the day by giving your body approximately on-third of the day's nutrients. The strength of your will, the decision-making area of the brain is related to eating habits. Learning self-control in eating will help develop self-control in other areas of life as well. Your mind will be more alert to separate right from wrong.

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TWL 04b - Bible Science is True To Known Facts in The Way Of Life (TWL) with 0 comments on Sun Nov 19, 2017 1:55 pm
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The Bible is not a textbook on science, but wherever it deals with science, it always tells the truth. It is not always in agreement with the theories and philosophies of the scientists, but it is always in accord with the absolute facts of science. In fact, the Bible makes many scientific statements that reveal a knowledge of science far beyond what men knew at the time the Bible was written.

What modern science now teaches the Bible taught long ago. For instance the Bible says that God "hath made of one blood all nations of men." Acts 17:26 KJV. Disregarding this Bible teaching some have believed for many centuries that there was a difference in the blood of the various races. But science has now exploded this wrong idea. With the invention of the microscope scientists can now see the blood magnified many times. As they look at the blood of the various races under the microscope, what do they find? The blood of all races is alike--just as the Bible has always taught. Professor Albert Deutch, a well-known scientist, declares: "Science will now back up the Biblical precept that God made of one blood all nations. The blood of all human beings is in all respects the same." True science and the Bible always agree. (Acts is the book written within the Bible, 17 is the chapter, 26 is the verse.)

Twenty-five hundred years ago God had Isaiah write in the Bible about "the circle of the earth." Isaiah 40:22. When this was written people thought the earth was flat. Only in the modern days of world travel have men known that the earth is round, and yet this truth has been in the Bible for twenty-five years.

And look at this statement written nearly four thousand years ago: God "hangs the earth upon nothing." Job 26:7. Before modern times men thought the earth was held up by pillars or floated on the sea. But today those who have gone up in space ships have seen the world as a a globe hanging in mid-air. Long before science discovered it, the Bible gave a scientific answer to what upholds the earth. God has hung the earth upon nothing!

Notice a few other examples of scientific truth found in the Bible. The air has weight, or pressure. Job 28:25. Deficiency in vitamin A, found in grass, causes eye failure. Jeremiah 14:6. As evidenced today in radio and television, lightning--electricity--carries messages and pictures. Job 38:35. Heat from fire and water kills germs. Numbers 31:23.

Scores of other scientific principles are in complete harmony with Bible truth. This harmony is to be expected, for the Creator is Himself the Author of the Bible. I have found the Bible and true science to harmonize; therefore, I believe.

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