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Description Of a FDP (Full Defense Pact)

I would like to start by saying thank you for considering Absolute Loyal for FDP. we are a NON-PVP guild. we like excitement and anything that brings more fun to the game =)

These are the current Terms we have with our other FDP members..

1. An FDP will take precedence over any other pact.

2. Relics may be freely taken from an FDP ally as no damage is done to the
player or guild during the combat phase.

3. Buffs must be given to FDP allies at a reduced rate to what they are
sold to the general public.

4. No attacking each other’s guild members, unless asked to complete a
bounty on a member. After the bounty is completed and if requested the
player completing the bounty will send back all gold that was stolen not
lost. The bounty prize will be kept by the person completing the bounty.

5. Deleveling Parties: When it is deemed necessary by guild leaders to
delevel a player in the game, information will be shared with the allied
guild, and participation is highly encouraged. This will ensure that
maximum damage is done.

6. Each guild Founder or Co-Founder will have the option to join each
allied guilds forum for a direct information exchange. This must be
requested from each guild founder.

7. In the unlikely event that any FDP ally needs gold to prevent the
destruction of guild structures or the guild itself, allied guilds will
consider a one time grant of emergency aid upon request of the affected
guild. The affected guilds founder or co-founder would need to initiate
the request. All proceeds must be repaid promptly when the guild
returns to health. Failure to repay any loan would be grounds for
immediate termination of the FDP. The defaulting guild would then be
blacklisted and ALL FDP and NAP allied guilds would be notified.

8. When any player is kicked for a serious offense, this information will
be shared among allied guilds.

9. Each ally will list each other in their guild history upon signing of the
FDP. This listing must remain while the FDP remains in place. This
alliance will be denoted as a FDP in each guilds history.

10. Absolutely no recruiting from each other’s guild.

11. Guild Wars and Massive Deleveling: All FDP allies will have an
obligation to provide assistance to any other affected FDP ally
should it be requested.
- Peaceful resolution of any potential conflicts should always be pursued
prior to initiation of hostilities. Allied guilds must be available to render
all diplomatic assistance they can to hopefully resolve conflicts.
- In the event that hostilities occur, allied guilds will go to defense of
the other. However misrepresentation of facts, and/or drawing an ally
into a hostile conflict through deceit will be grounds for immediate
termination of the FDP.
- Parties may decline entry into a hostile conflict if it is determined that
an ally acted in a covert manner and did not fully inform allied guild
leaders about the events that led to the conflict.
- This is a defensive pact and parties are not required to participate in a
war of aggression. The purpose of the pact is to increase the allied guilds
security, not to impose the will of the allies upon others in the game.
If one party feels that this war of aggression, is contrary to the interests
of that guild, it may be grounds for termination of the FDP.
- Aggression towards guilds not involved in the conflict will not be
- In a conflict between an FDP allied guild and an NAP allied guild, guilds
must side with the FDP allied guild, as an FDP has precedence over an

12. Allied guild founders will communicate (check-in) at least once a
month to all allied guild founders to discuss issues, if any, of mutual

13. Sharing of game information is encouraged among all allied guilds
and all guild members are encouraged to be friendly and respectful to
each other. Allied guild members must always identify themselves as
allied guilds when requesting any action from another allied guild.

14. Disputes and Termination of FDP: While all conditions of this alliance
remain binding upon each FDP guild member this FDP may be terminated
at any time with due process. The guild wishing to terminate this FDP
must contact the affected guild founder and inform in writing of their
intention to terminate the FDP along with the reason. Once the affected
founder receives this notification he/she must acknowledge receipt only
then will the FDP be considered terminated.

15. No new FDPs will be signed without the expressed knowledge and
approval of all FDP partners. This is to eliminate the chance of a rogue
and unaligned guild being a FDP ally to someone in our network. All FDP
allies will have similar rights and be aligned similiarly.

It is hoped that the administration of this FDP will further increase all
allied guilds security and harbor good will among its members.
This FDP may be amended at any time, but notification and the
affected guild would have the option to terminate this FDP on the spot
should the amendments not be beneficial.

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