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Advanced Banking Strategy

Okay everyone has a bank deposit so let me explain a bit about banking and guild life I will explain it noobish because not everyone who starts off understands.

1) There is only one deposit by default (unless you upgrade) and it can either go into the guild or your bank. You don't get one for each.

2) Depositing in the guild bank is suggested ... it keeps our structures going they cost PER HOUR. So you have to keep paying. Kinda like the electric bill you gotta keep paying or they turn it off. But you get those nice bonuses from the structures .. its give and take that's making everyone stronger in the long run.

3) Share the deposit ... Don't be scared were a team were not gonna run off with your money leave you high and dry. Let me shoot some examples at you say 4 of us have 100,000 gold on us and remember its 25% of what you got that you can deposit:

Selfish way:
XeononyX deposits 25,000 (25% of his stash)
DongQuest deposits 25,000 (25% of his stash)
Demonicone deposits 25,000 (25% of his stash)
SAWBOSS deposits 25,000 (25% of his stash)

thats 100,000 gold banked ..
and 75,000 gold still on each person ..

sounds logical .. lets see how the team effort works:

Everyone sends XeononyX thier Gold:
Xeononyx Deposits 100,000 (25% of 400,000) leaving him 300,000 - Then ships it to DongQuest
DongQuest Deposits 75,000 (25% of 300,000) leaving him 225,000 - Then he ships it to Demonicone
Demonicone Deposits 56,250 (25% of 225,000) leaving him 168,750 - Then he ships it off to SAWBOSS
SAWBOSS Deposits 42,187 (25% of 168,750) leaving him 126,563 -

thats 273,437 Gold Banked .. !!

then SAWBOSS divides that by 4 and gives everyone else 31,640 gold

and only 31,640 on each person.

4) Lower levels are targets ... Lower levels are where rogue PVPers loom not yet realizing the self-destructive and counter-productive ways of PVP'ing for no reason. So if you have over 10K at any given time in the lower levels .. pass it off to someone .. Like me for example I have an exclusive set of gear just for defending gold .. send it to me .. if you need it back chances are Ill give it to you ... plus some if you really need it.

{This post may be edited in the future .. the next post on the agenda will be about the trickle down equipment thoery. These threads will be locked feel free to open discussion in another topic if desired}

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