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Chapter 6

Expert Tip: When you are viewing the world pressing ‘R’ on your keyboard repairs your equipment.

Bank – This is where you can view the details of your personal bank you get one deposit to your bank a day and can be upgraded using FSP. You are only able to deposit 25% of your gold on hand. (If you are on a guild you do not deposit to the guild here you deposit to the guild in the Guild Management Screen and there a Manage link above the Bank Amount.)

Bounty Board – This is where you enter the wonderful world of bounty hunting. Let me go over the rules. Everything revolves around bounty tickets which costs 1 FSP for 100. If someone attacks you and you didn’t like it you can bounty them putting a price on their defeat. To place a bounty it takes 10 bounty tickets then you need to set an award and a required amount of kills. The usual way out is to put a 10 kill requirement and have the reward their level times one hundred gold, then you get to sit back and let a bounty hunter do your dirty work. If you are a bounty hunter and you wish to complete a bounty it also requires a certain amount of bounty tickets depending on how much higher in level you are to them. There is no level requirement restriction when completing bounty kills. Once you accept it if you are the first to complete the required amount of kills you receive the bounty reward and you name is entered into the bounty pool for a possible bonus prize in FSP. If you accepted the bounty and someone else finished it before you: you don’t get your tickets back so you must choose wisely.
Expert Tip: There are unwritten bounty board ethics you can adhere to that will protect yourself. Rule #1: Ask the player if someone is working on their bounty. I know people may think people will lie but lying is a silly thing to do if no one is working on their bounty they would want you to finish it as soon as possible. Rule #2: If someone is offline check their equipment durability to see if their equipment is damaged. This will save you a lot of tickets. Rule #3: Even though you can: don’t bounty a bounty hunter who cleared your bounty using 10 stamina hits, these types of bounty hunters are your friends.

Crafting – Some items in fallensword are “craftable” there are varying degrees of quality: Uncrafted, Very Poor, Poor, Average, Good, Very Good, Excellent, and Perfect. If your craftable equipment is not to your standards you can craft it here using various qualities of crafters. The better the crafter the better chances of getting the better qualities. Crafting requires FSP, the amount you need depends on which crafter you decide to use. The Master Crafter enhancement also increases your chances of crafting good quality equipment.

Hellforge – Unlike crafting any equipment can be hellforged. There is a complete and thorough explanation of the costs and benefits of crafting on that screen there is nothing new I can add.

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