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Chaapter 5

Hardly ever used but there are 4 very important tools in here, here is where you can fine tune the animation screen for combat, change your password, the minimum group level is quite useful if you are in a guild and are active in making group attacks, this is where you can limit the level of people requesting to join your group attacks, that way if you need certain statistics to defeat an opponent you can make sure and have the right people available to help. Also in preferences is the almighty and powerful Instant Portal to Krul Island. It costs 25 stamina however to activate but it will send you back to the very beginning of the game.
Expert tip: The easiest way to get to a certain realm from any place on the map is to use the instant portal feature then go to Krul Beach go down and around till you see the Varas Dungeon entrance then go up the passageway and take the first left till you see the portal from there you can choose which Realm you want to go to. This complete process takes 93 stamina.

View Map – This is where you hunt, you can navigate through the screen using the arrows around the adventure screen and it’s from here where you see the terrains all around you. To the right of the adventure screen is information about what is currently on the square you are at. There can be creatures, other players, stores, and relics, entrances to other realms, portals, and quest locations. There is always an “eyeball” icon next to these things so you can examine them, if it is another player there is an attack icon if you wish to initiate a PvP attack against that player, when there’s creatures there are three possibly four attack icons determining how much stamina you are willing to commit to the attack (20, 40, 60), very rarely do you choose anything other than 20. If you have an attack group ready there is another icon to commence the group attack (furthest icon to the right). Underneath the World window there are 3 quick buttons to do special things. There is a button to quickly access your backpack so you can drop and destroy items on the run. There is a quick repair button that automatically repairs your equipment (explained later). There is a quick group attack button that will create a group attack for your guild members to join. Below those quick buttons there is an area where you can view all your active buffs and how much time is left on them.

Attack Player – If you wish to attack a player this is where you can go. There is also a listing of recently online players that are your level (this can be used to scout your competition too not only attacking). When you decide to commence a PvP attack the amount of stamina you put into the attack is how much damage you do to them in terms of XP and gold loss and damage to their equipment. (This is often referred as “10 stam” hits or “100 stam hits”). You can only freely attack players above or below you by five levels.

Blacksmith – This is where you repair your equipment. I cannot emphasize this too much: Repair all the time. If your equipment takes damage it reduces the statics the equipment gives you even though it doesn’t change the numbers it displays it does.

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