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Chapter 4

This is where you manage all your skills or “Buffs” these are enhancements you can cast on yourself or others giving them bonuses. There are 3 different types of skills Offensive, Defensive, and Special. All of them have unique abilities. Some skills require a certain level to obtain, and it is also a “tree” which means you need 10 points in the skills above it in the tree to be able to obtain it. To see a full description of a skill click on the skill and a description will appear. The maximum of a skill is 100 at the beginning and every 50 levels your character has accumulated the maximums increase by 5. These skill levels are also increased via the Fury Caster enhancement upon casting (which means you will cast above your maximum you are at the maximum for the skill). If you make mistakes you can reset all your skill points via the Upgrade page using FSP.
Expert Tip: Be patient with your skill points. It is very wise to save all your skill points to level 25 when you can obtain the maximum “Adept Learner” skill then save up enough skill points to obtain a maximum “Librarian” skill at level 75 these two are the most important skills in the game.

Level Up
This is where you manage your base statistics. You gain 2 level up points per level you have accumulated. If you make mistakes you can reset your Level Up points via the Upgrades page using FSP.
Expert Tip: Plan for the long haul. When you are level 1 you are not logically planning ahead all the way to level 140 but unfortunately this is the time to start. Go damage all the way from beginning to the end if you simply want to power through all the levels from 1-185 (You have approximately 10 points to play with which I would apply to attack to get you off the ground at the beginning)

This is the communications center for your character. Any Received messages from other players, mass messages from the guild, sales alerts, secure trade alerts, incoming attacks, and any alert from receiving items, gold, and FSP from another player all go here, sometimes you get information from the game administrators here. This is also where you manage your “ignore” list where you can block any transaction from a player.

Quest Book
This is where all your started and completed quest information goes, very straightforward and quite useful when looking up a quest you are working on to see if you meet the requirement to move on or not.

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