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Chapter 2

Now that these vita statistics are explained I will move on to the Menu bar that is on the left side of the screen:

The Homepage – The homepage of the game, this is where the developers and game staff post updates and messages about the game. Also on this page is the Shout Box, the shout box can be a vital tool to the game, this is where you find online merchants and hunters you can buy buffs (skills) from or sell the locations of recently found super elite creatures you may stumble upon but not be able to defeat. You get your usual riff-raff also from time to time. It is not free to post in the shout box it costs 1 FSP so you have to make it count. Also on the homepage is a featured guild which is a guild that has paid for advertisement. If you are seeking a guild this is stop number one because those that advertise are actively looking for new guild members.

Profile – This is the control center for you character. The first obvious thing is your avatar, a visual representation of yourself in the game and to some people one of the most important parts of the game. To import a picture click the Change Image link above the picture and seek out a 200 x 200 jpg image on your computer then upload. To the right of that is your Biography where you can type a small biography about yourself but is more popularly used on detailing the services you offer, to change this click on the “Change Bio” link. Also the size of your biography can be upgraded using FSP. Then there’s your inventory below your biography. This is the gear you are currently wearing this gear consists of (from left to right, top to bottom) Gloves, Helmet, Amulet, Weapon, Armor, Shield, Ring, Boots, Rune. At the start of the game you have nothing but that changes rather quickly. Below that is your backpack, whenever you find an item on a creature it goes to your backpack and from there you can equip on your character, beware there are level restrictions on items so if you are shopping for equipment make sure you can readily wear it. You start off at 3 Backpack spaces and can be increased by upgrading your backpack size using FSP. If your pack is full you will not be able to take items from a creature so if you are looking for a specific item it is best to keep you pack clear. There is a Manage link above your backpack, this is what you would click to toss stuff and destroy it. Be careful during this process you drop something you can’t pick it back up. Above your inventory is a Combat Sets link, when you click this small menu pops up and this is where you can “save” the current gear you are wearing as a combat set. Note that this does not add more storage for you it just simply uses the items in your backpack and switches them around. This is more of an advanced tactic for players who have enough backpack space and equipment for 2 separate sets of gear (most popular is an “Offline” set featuring a lot of defensive equipment and your “Leveling” gear) You start off with one set and can get more by upgrading using FSP. At the bottom left is your enemies and allies list. Allies can only be accepted by the other player, enemies however do not. It is common practice to you’re your enemies as an extended list of allies, the number of allies and enemies can be increased by upgrading using FSP. Above your allies is a listing of your Enhancements, specific enhancements are explained by waving your mouse over the question mark right next to it, all enhancements are a percentage so 100 is the maximum (thus meaning having 2 sets does not grant you double Elite Hunter, etc.).

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