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Chapter One

Fallensword Tutorial, Help, tips and hints:

Welcome to the wonderful world of Fallensword and Krul Island, I am going to detail some of the need to knows and helpful hits to get your feet off the ground. Im going to start off with what you see on your screen and then go right down the menu to try to explain what everything does.

The Bar
The first thing you see is a bunch of numbers across the top of your screen, I’ll spend some time to explain what these numbers are. First off is your Name if you wave your mouse over the face icon then you will see a popup containing your current stats, this is extremely helpful when you are exploring new areas and creatures so you can compare numbers before striking .Then to the right of that is your stamina. At first you will start off with 500. Whenever you walk a square or attack a creature your stamina goes down. Every 60 minutes your stamina goes up depending on your “Gain Per Hour”. At first this is 50 but it can go up three different ways: 1) Your guild you are in can have a structure that increases this possibly up to 10. 2) You guild can have control of a relic that may increase this a little bit. 3) You can upgrade your character using FSP (Fallen Sword Points). We’ll get to the specifics later so I will move on. To the right of that is a bar, this is your experience bar and shows your progress until your next level. To the right of that is how many FSP you currently have there are a lot of was to obtain these but just to name a few are: Donating to the Game, Recruiting New Players, Selling items in the Auction House. Again we’ll get into more details later so I will move on. To the right of that is how much gold you have on you. Gold is easier obtained because it is recovered from creatures while adventuring and possibly stolen from other players when you attack them.

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