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The Holidays

Well Christmas is almost upon us and as usual all the lunatics are out shopping with full fury. Now don't get me wrong, I am not going all humbug, it's just that this time of year generates a kind of lunacy that is never seen any other time during the year. At no other time of the year do you see people willing to fight over the last sale item on the shelf just to save a few bucks. The legal fees spent defending against the assualt charge are going to be ALOT more than anything they could possibly save on the item(s) in question...but does that slow them down or deter them? NO! It's the holiday lunacy. The only other times of year that even come close (in the US that is) is on Thanksgiving (the last thursday in November Americans celebrate by having a small feast), and then it's usually just argueing over who has the right to buy the last turkey in the supermarket, and New Years when people get so drunk they will do many strange least on New Years they have an excuse...they are under the influence of alcohol.

I myself don't celebrate most holidays anymore, not out of disdain for any particular holiday, simply because I have to work most holidays and I have found most holidays are geared more the younger generation (I'm an old man in comparison).

I find I have more fun with kids on the holidays than I do than with adults. The adults are always complaining about how much they spent for stuff and how long it's going to take them to get out of debt. Well if they could'nt afford it why the hell did they spend money they didn't have?? The kids don't care how much it long as it's fun to play with.

Enough any and all that read this, I hope you can enjoy yourself over the upcoming holidays...may you all be safe from the maniacs out there Smile

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to all of you.

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